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Storage Partitions Premium v4.0.2

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Storage Partitions Premium v4.0.2

Requirements: 4.1+

Overview: Do you want to know how much phone memory storage you are getting?




When the manufacturer says your phone has 16 GB how much is actually available to you for your apps,music and stuff? This app gives you vital information on the storage structure and much more.

The phone memory storage is organized into structures called Partitions. The Android OS uses the System Partition. The Apps use the Data Partition and so on. The size of Data Partition plays a critical role in how many apps you can install. The user storage (music, downloads etc) is implemented either as part of the internal Data Partition or else in an external SD Card. For the general user the Data Partition and User Storage are the areas of interest.

There are other Partitions which are hidden (unmounted) from user. The app makes a best effort to give details on unmounted partitions like Recovery, Boot etc so that you can have a complete birds eyeview of your Android storage.

A must have tool for would be rooters or if you just want to get a handle on the storage used by your phone

Inapp Purchases - 

- Adfree

- Pie View of Partitions

- File View of Important sys files




This Update - Thanks to all who sent error reports!

- UI Improvements. Now external partitions can be browsed

- Quick link buttons to partitions from landing screen

- Crash fixes


- Android Partition

- Apps Partition


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