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DirecTV Remote+ Pro v3.8.0

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DirecTV Remote+ Pro v3.8.0

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

Overview: The DirecTV Remote that offers the most bang for the buck!*






THE best DirecTV remote for Android with no BS or empty promises! Just pure awesomeness! Now with IR control!



Unlike competing apps, you get LOTS of cool stuff when you purchase the pro version! For a complete Free vs. Pro comparison, see the link below:

Free vs. Pro comparison: http://spam.com/rZue9V


Why choose my app over the competition?


* ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT ensures new features and bugs fixed.


* MORE FEATURES AND OPTIONS than all other competing apps combined. The only app of its kind that truly supports ALL DirecTV remote functions (including slow motion & SD/HD toggle).


* OUTSTANDING SUPPORT (in-app, website and email) from a person who cares and knows the technology involved.


* EXCLUSIVE (AND FREE) SHORTCUT ADD-ON allows you to create shortcuts to remote buttons, favorites, macros and the mini-guide right on your home screen. "Free" users can install and create shortcuts with it to see how it works but they will only function when the "Pro" version is installed.


* EXCLUSIVE (AND FREE) VOLUME PLUG-IN allows you to control volume on a limited number of devices right from the main remote app! More devices will be supported in the future. "Free" users can install and configure/test it to see if it will work with their devices but volume cannot be controlled from within the free main remote app. "Pro" users can control volume right from within the main remote app using the volume & mute buttons!



If you like this app, please rate it! I'll continue to update and improve this app whether you rate it or not but great ratings make me feel all warm and fuzzy!


If you have problems or requests please contact me through email as it is very difficult to properly respond in the comments section.




Using IR:

* DirecTV receivers can be controlled using IR on select Samsung, HTC and LG devices that have built-in IR blasters (Mini-Guide requires networked receivers)


Using WiFi/Network:

* This app uses WiFi to control your DirecTV receivers!


* Automatic discovery of your DirecTV receivers with ability to add manually.


* DirecTV receivers must be networked (wired or wirelessly) and configured for EXTERNAL DEVICE ACCESS and given a UNIQUE NAME (this is not the default setting on the receivers)!


* Supported models (HD only): H21, H22, H23, H24, HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23 and HR24. Also supports HR34 /HR44 Genie and C31/C41 clients.


* For advanced users: One receiver can be controlled over 3G, etc. See FAQ for details.


Having problems getting this app to communicate with your receiver?

Please see the connection troubleshooting FAQ at my website: http://spam.com/ohqHYe



More Info:

See the FAQs at the website for loads of information, troubleshooting and help!



DIRECTV, DirecTV, Direc TV, DirectTV, Direct TV, Direct, TV, Remote, Satellite, WiFi, IR, QWERTY



This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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