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Sprite Theme CM12/DU v1.2

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Sprite Theme CM12/DU v1.2
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: Welcome to my first android 5.0 theme for the CM theme chooser
See your Wallpaper inside your apps

Sprite theme has many apps themed and goodies

- 50+ packages plus all apps following Theme.Holo and Theme.Material will be clear

-Get my TeamBlackOut updater on my Site link below to apply and install even more transparent apps

-I have not added some popular apps since I have them in the TBO updater themed better "Playstore/Play Music for example, look way better themed fully"

-Get the Theme chooser wallpaper app to get 20 wallpapers included

-Icon skins so all app drawer icons are themed

-3D Bootanimation

-Cool Risque` fonts

-Cool tones

Please Email me if you have issues!
Bad ratings.... well they will come so have at it!
Just know I like to help!!

Thanks to my Community and TBOT testers for hours of testing and craziness!


v1.2 CM12s Additional stuffs
-Theme Chooser
-Theme Store
-Plume "Twitter Client"
-AppMonger "Still one bug left"
-Gallery Next
-Google plus
-CM Downloader
-Holo Styles fixes
-Missing images in settings
-DU fixes
-Google plus photos
-Tapatalk "Then it updated :-("
-more I forgot

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Sprite Theme CM12DU v1.2.apk -  36.0 MB

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