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Op-X for Zooper Widget Pro v1.0.8

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Op-X for Zooper Widget Pro v1.0.8
Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: This widget pack requires 1 permission to modify storage. This only loads the necessary fonts, bitmaps, and icon sets for this widget pack and nothing else. An Op-X icon will be added to your app drawer once this pack is installed. Open the app and load the fonts.

If you like this Zooper theme, please leave a review it would be greatly appreciated

NEW in 1.0.8: Added 5 new clock widgets Gaxa, Mosaic, Operator, Shape, and Stained. Check out the screen shots to see whats new.
Don't forget to open the Op-X dash and load the fonts before placing new widgets!
Op-X now has 40 widgets!

NEW in 1.0.7: Added 5 new widgets, check the screen shots for details.
*Note: Op-X Shift Clock time outline changes to a different color every minute.

NEW in 1.0.6: Added 6 new clock widgets, check the screen shots for details. Op-X Faded clock shows alarm set time. The date will disappear and alarm time will be shown.

Also new Op-X icon

NEW in 1.0.5: Added ALL NEW app dashboard, go to your app drawer...hit the Op-X icon and check it out. More widgets coming.....

NEW in 1.0.3: Added 4 new clock widgets, check out the screen shots.NEW in 1.0.2: Added 3 new clocks, Op-X Spec clock shows time, date, weather, and battery level (which is shown by the red hand). Invader clock time, date and battery, background design changes with the time. Graded clock shows time, weather and battery percent.

NEW in 1.0.1: Added 7 new widgets, Op-X sq clock has rotating minutes and rotating battery percent, Op-X Array clock minutes tick in the background of the clock and the frame of the clock is actually your battery percent. Each side of the square is 25%, battery drains counter clockwise and starts in the upper left corner.
This is a NEW Zooper widget theme by Drea Apps, this pack includes 10 widgets to start off with. Check the screen shots for widget styles.

 Since different OEM`s use different app package names some tap on`s may need to be set for YOUR particular device. The tap on modules for each widget are CLEARLY labeled for easy set up.

If you like this pack please leave a rating I would appreciate it, also check out my other Zooper widget packs.

If you have any questions, problems, or need help with layout please hit the website link at the bottom and post there or email me at the address below. I would be glad to help!

This is set up on Nova Launcher,
8 rows 6 columns
width margin- none
height margin-none
dock- disabled
resize all widgets- on

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Op-X for Zooper Widget Pro v1.0.8.apk -  30.4 MB

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