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British National Formulary 69 v2.3.1

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British National Formulary 69 v2.3.1

Requirements: 3.0+ , Lucky Patcher

Overview: This Medical Association and Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain app-book, British National Formulary 69 (April2015), is developed by MedHand Mobile Libraries. Improve your performance with relevant, valid material which is accessed quickly and with minimal effort in the palm of your hand using MedHand’s patented technology.






This application is downloaded on your device and it securely enables instant and uninterrupted access wherever you are as it does not rely on a network connection while in use.

The application is a single edition only; to stay updated it is recommended to purchase the forthcoming editions as they are revised twice yearly.


THIS APP-BOOK for BNF 69 includes unique functions such as:


• A powerful search 

• Bookmarks

• Complete set of medical calculators; Body Mass Index, Peak Expiratory Flows, Dehydration Correction Calculator and more 

• Highlighting

• History

• Notes and picture notes


The British National Formulary (BNF) provides up-to-date, practical guidance on prescribing, dispensing, and administering medicines.

This essential reference reflects current best practice as well as legal and professional guidelines relating to the uses of medicines.


The resource includes:


• Guidance on the drug management of common conditions 

• Details of medicines prescribed within the UK with special reference to their uses, cautions, contra-indications, side-effects, doses and relative costs. This allows treatment to be tailored to the individual needs of each patient. 

• Guidance on prescribing, monitoring, dispensing and adminstering medicines.


BNF 69 (April 2015) has been revised and revalidated to reflect changes in product availability, emerging safety concerns and shifts in clinical practice.

Access to the latest edition of the BNF is vital for healthcare professionals, as there are a large number of updates from one edition to the next.


Some of the significant changes in this edition include:


• Updated general guidance on drugs and driving in response to new regulations in force from March 2015

• Updated guidance on risk assessment and treatment in the management of arrhythmias

• Updated recommendations on minimising risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw and hypocalcaemia associated with denosumab following new MHRA advice

• New guidance on dose adjustment in renal impairment for atorvastatin

• New recommendations on concomitant use of drugs affecting the renin-angiotensin system

• New guidance on dose adjustment in hepatic and renal impairment for zolpiclone

• Updated guidance on assessing cardiovascular risk and modification of blood lipids in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease

• Updates to recommended regimens for prophylaxis against malaria for specific countries


The BNF evaluates clinical evidence from diverse sources with information validated by a network of clinical experts and published under the authority of a Joint Formulary Committee.

Authors: British Medical Association and Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain


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