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Radar Alive! Pro Weather Radar v4.0.11

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Radar Alive! Pro Weather Radar v4.0.11

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

Overview: Radar Alive! is the storm chaser's choice. Serious capability for serious users.




Radar Alive! is suitable for storm chasers, professional meteorologists, emergency personnel, SKYWARN spotters and weather enthusiasts. It has a wide selection of US radar products (image types). NWS severe weather warnings are displayed along with a customizable low clutter map with cities, roads, counties and states. The display is suitable for both phones and tablets.


Choose from a complete menu of radar products at multiple tilt angles, including composite and base reflectivity, base and storm relative velocity, VIL, hydrometeor classification (type of precipitation) and others. Spot tornadoes with the velocity and base reflectivity plots; view warning boxes and warning text; watch hail with the hydrometeor classification display. 


Radar Alive!'s precision images are generated from NOAA's NEXRAD Level III binary data (NWS weather radar). Carefully simplified maps minimize clutter on the radar display.


With an AllisonHouse subscription, you get an alternate source of radar data, along with new products including lightning, watches, local storm reports, and SPC Day 1 convective outlook


The serious user will appreciate advanced features, such as smart GPS usage to conserve battery power; network bandwidth conservation; and, maps optimized for weather radars.


A full Spotter Network client is included. It can display the positions of active Spotter Network users. You can use it to automatically report your position to Spotter Network, and to make reports of weather events. When the main app is not in use, it can run in the background, where it can be controlled from an icon in the notification bar of the device.


Radar Alive! was written by a veteran storm chaser for the serious meteorological user.


Extensive help is available within the app. If you experience problems, or to learn how to best use Radar Alive Pro, use the menu button to select the help pages or ask for advice or support on the supplied form.


Support is also available by email, and suggestions are welcome.


Version 4.011 - Bug fixes and improvements. Now optionally keeps centered on GPS location. Added menu button, removed zoom +- buttons. See the release notes in the app for more details.

PLEASE REPORT ANY PROBLEMS! They will be addressed quickly. Please use built-in support form in the app if possible, web site if not.


This app has no advertisements


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