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Toggles SmartWatch v2.8.6

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Toggles SmartWatch v2.8.6

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

Overview: Switch on/off settings on your mobile phone:


Switch on/off settings on your mobile phone:

• Wi-Fi,

• Wi-Fi Hotspot (Tethering),

• Bluetooth,

• Mobile data,

• Silent mode,

• Vibrate mode,

• Power saving,

• Data synchronisation.


• GPS state,

• NFC state,

• Battery level,

• Wi-Fi Hotspots,

• Wi-Fi signal strength (updated in real-time),

• Phone signal strength (updated in real-time).

Swipe left/right to another screen.

Long touch to see the names of available wi-fi networks.

Customizable! You can choose which icons at what place you want to see.

"Power saving" works only in one way (turn on): turn off Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot (Tethering), Mobile data; turn on Silent mode, set Brightness to minimum.

Note: I would like to add GPS/NFC toggles, but Google has forbidden to change the state of GPS / NFC by user applications (only system applications).

Note2: This application will not be shown in your phone application screen. Access application settings via Smart Connect.

If you find any bugs or you have any suggestions, please email me at [email protected] in order to correct or implement it.

Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

Smart extension for SmartWatch 2 tools

Smart extension for SmartWatch 2 communication

LiveWareâ„¢ extension for SmartWatch

What's New

I just did 2 my paid apps totally free. Take and Enjoy: "YesNo SmartWatch" and "Time Out SmartWatch".

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Download from

Download from

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