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Unit Converter Pro v1.1.16 Patched

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Unit Converter Pro v1.1.16 Patched
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Best unit and currency converter app.


It has one of the largest collection of units and currencies, more then 700, and we continue adding new units based on your requests.
Converter has intuitive and clean UI with many handy features:
- built-in calculator
- "favorite" conversions
- history
- sharing results
- portrait and landscape modes for phones and tablets
- embedded search for all units
- precise calculations operating with big numbers without restrictions
- displaying converted results instantly while typing
Converter app has following categories:
- Dimension: length (distance), area, volume
- Useful: currency (all countries rates), clothes and shoes sizes, cooking weights, fuel consumption, time
- Mechanics: pressure, weight, force, torque
- Motion: speed, acceleration, angular speed
- Chemistry: density, dynamic and kinematic viscosity, mineralization
- Computing: data storage, data transfer
- Energy: power, temperature, consumed energy
- Electricity: electric charge, electric current
- Photometry: luminance, illuminance
- Radioactivity: radiation, radioactivity
- Other: flow rate, magnetic field, numbers, fractions, astronomy distances.
For questions or suggestions please send an email to [email protected] or leave a comment when reviewing the app in play store.


Version 1.1.16
- New conversion category was added: Electric Capacitance (Farad, Millifarad)
- New currency sources: European Central Bank and Russian Central Bank
Thank you for using Universal Unit Converter. If you like it, please rate.

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

Unit Converter Pro v1.1.16 Patched.apk -  4.3 MB

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