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YAATA SMS Donated v1208

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YAATA SMS Donated v1208

Requirements: 4.1+

Overview: YAATA is powerful SMS/MMS app. Its fast, easy to use and fully configurable.




Feature list:

* fully configurable notifications (popup, led color, vibration pattern, icon color...)

* individual notifications

* you may enable separate notification for unknown sender or non-numeric addresses (e.g. from bank, carrier etc)

* grouping threads by date

* quick compose shortcut in statusbar (you may also enable shortcuts for three favorites contacts)

* send delay option

* converting long messages to mms or sending all texts as a mms

* delivery report (also MMS) including saving delivery time.

* templates

* black list

* autoforward

* autoresponder




BUILD 1208:

● ADDED: send button in floating window

● ADDED: configurable long tap on send button

BUILD 1131:

● FIXED: Chatheads: keyboard in landscape mode

● FIXED: Chatheads: auto exapnd

● ADDED: Chatheads:Collapse after sent option in settings

● ADDED: Chatheads: docked chathead size option in settings


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More Info:


Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked



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