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Peak - Brain Training v1.4.2 [Unlocked]

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Peak - Brain Training v1.4.2 [unlocked]

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: With millions of members worldwide, Peak is a personalized self-improvement app specifically designed to help you improve your Memory, Focus, Problem Solving, Mental Agility and Language skills with fun, challenging games, reaching goals and building healthy training habits - all backed by scientific and educational research.




With 18 games offering adaptive and dynamic difficulties, unique challenges, personalized workouts and daily goals, Peak aims to get your brain skills in tip-top shape. Peak helps you train smarter with in-depth performance reviews, analytics and statistics - all simply and beautifully visualized.



Peak is designed to help everyone reach their optimum brain skill level - regardless of age, profession or lifestyle - and to apply these improved Memory, Mental Agility, Language, Focus, Attention and Problem Solving skills in the real world. Findings have shown that critical parts of the brain and its operational mechanisms can and do change in ways that impact our cognitive, professional, social and personal development. This is the neuroplasticity of the brain.



At Peak, research and science informs everything that we create, from the games you play through to the performance insights that you see. Peak is built from the ground-up with science at the foundations. Designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, cognitive science and education, Peak makes brain training fun and rewarding, with tangible results. The scientific advisors involved with Peak includes Bruce Wexler, Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Scientist at Yale, and Amir Konigsberg, PhD from Princeton in cognitive psychology.



18 great games, all designed to be fun, challenging and rewarding. 

Personalized workouts and game challenges that dynamically adapt so you reach your potential. 

In-depth performance reviews including personal and comparative brain maps, data visualisations and per-category graphing. Understanding your performance is key to improvement.



“I can't tell you enough about the impact that this programme has on me. It's funny how this one change in my life has not only improved my brain function but my well being, self esteem and confidence. I truly did not believe this to be possible.”




Think you have good attention to detail? Do ya? Do ya, though?!

We’ve got just the thing to help you decide. With this shiny version of Peak comes a brand new game in the focus category: Rush Back +. Detect whether the shape you see matches the last one (and you may realise where the game’s original name comes from). But… the differences between the shapes are rather subtle. Success lies in the balance between speed and accuracy.


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More Info:


Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked


com.brainbow.peak.app.zip -  25.7 MB

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