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Foursquare v2015.05.07

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Foursquare v2015.05.07

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Our tastes are different, so why should we get the same search results? The new Foursquare learns what you like and leads you to places you’ll love.




Foursquare is all about searching and discovering great places, wherever you are in the world.

• Tell Foursquare your favorite things and it gets to know you. Every search is tailored to your tastes, your past ratings, and picks from friends and experts you trust.

• Your tastes can be very specific like “whiskey” or “salted caramel.” Or more general like “outdoor seating” or “used bookstores.”

• Leave tips to share your best discoveries. Pay it forward and earn expertise.

• Search for restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops and more. See what’s nearby or plan ahead. 

• When you arrive at a place, see insider tips: what’s good to order or something not to miss.

• Follow people and influencers whose tastes you trust, and their tips show first. Connect your Facebook and twitter accounts and see spots your friends have liked nearby.

Ready for new adventures? Download the all-new Foursquare today.

Want to check in, keep up, and meet up with friends? Download our other new app, Swarm.




Foursquare is all about finding great places you’ll love. In this new update, the homescreen is the best of what we find around you. It looks at all the places you’ve been, have liked, have saved, your tastes, and the people you follow, and picks out some places we think you’ll like. It’s our way of giving you a little inspiration, each and every day.

We’ve also changed the history tab to make it easier to rate places you’ve been recently. Happy exploring!


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