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Classic Notes Pro - Notepad v1.0.42

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Classic Notes Pro - Notepad v1.0.42

Requirements: Android 2.0 and up

Overview: Classic Notes notepad with App Box is built upon the same principles as Extensive Notes but with a more minimal approach.






- A Simple Note-Taking App for Android, Plus More Tiny Utilities Than You’ll Know What to Do With - Lifehacker


- Classic Notes + App Box for Android: Like a Better iPhone Notes App for Your Android Phone - App of the Day @ Gizmodo


- Classic Notes Lite is an app that does just about everything, and walks your dog - DroidDog


- Classic Notes is the most functional, usable, versatile app I've ever come across - AndroidGuys


- Manages to provide a minimalistic interface that doesn’t sacrifice quality - App of the Day @ Phandroid


- Simple Yet Rich In Features - Talkandroid


Classic Notes notepad with App Box is built upon the same principles as Extensive Notes but with a more minimal approach.


** Thank you to the great folks at Stands4 for the unrestricted API usage!! **


* Export notes as text to SD

* Import / Export CSV as todo, checklist, shopping list

* Share notes through facebook, twitter, more.

* Create backups

* Send to Google Docs, Dropbox, pastebin

* Text to Speech audio playback

* Add to Google Calendar - Set reminders and events

* Add notes to status bar

* Create Home Screen shortcuts

* Modify timestamp

* Easily display create & modification more

* Wallpapers - colors, patterns, palettes

* Images - via camera or gallery

* Video - Record video

* Paint notes - fingerpaint / sketch notes

* Private notes - Lock notes with a password

* Audio notes / voice notes - Record audio of lectures, meetings

* File attachments e.g PDF, MS Word, Excel, MP3, PowerPoint, etc

* Geotag + Address look up support - Tag locations

* In note content search

* Todo / checklist support

* Prioritize notes, todos, and tasks based on urgency of low, medium, high w/ color

* Todo, checklist, shopping list

* Easily sort notes, todo, and tasks based on a number of common themes such as last modified, alphabetical, pending reminders, priority

* Attach to-do's / checklists

* Tagging support

* Reminders / Alarms

* Abbreviations

* Dictionary

* Word etymology

* Example word usage

* Music Related references

* Postal Code Lookup for notepad

* Question and Answer for notepad

* Slang

* Spelling Suggestions for notepad

* Thesaurus

* Album Art for notepad

* Artist Information

* Artist Image

* Artists Similar to

* Track Information

* QR Code notes

* Stopwatch

* Sales tax / VAT calculator

* Discount calculator

* Tip calculator

* Image caption support

* Unit conversions

* Acceleration

* Area

* Bandwidth/Data Type

* Circular Measure

* Currency

* Energy

* Flow Rate

* Fuel Consumption

* Length/Distance

* Liquid Volume

* Planetary Age

* Planetary Weight

* Power

* Pressure

* Sound

* Time

* Temperature

* Weight/Mass

* Standard calculator

* Mortgage Calculator amortization table monthly payment, interest paid, total interest, principal paid, and balance

* Word of the day

* Rhyming words

* Phrases

* Wikipedia search

* Film/Cinema extras

* Actor/actress lookup

* Film lookup

* Weather

* Stock quotes

- Fitness related calculators

* Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

* Body Fat

* Body Mass Index (BMI)

* Daily Caloric Intake

* Max Heart Rate

* One Rep Max (1RM)

* Target Heart Rate

* Waist To Hip Ratio

* Water Intake

* Ohm's law, resistance, voltage, current

* Random password generator

* import csv into note

* System monitor in extras

- Battery level percentage, status, health

- SD card total size, available space

- Memory usage - total and available memory

- Processor/CPU information

- Network information ip address, wifi & mobile state

- GPS status

* Holidays

* URL Shortener

* Bulleted lists

* Random number generator

* Days until countdown

* Timzone

* Decimal to roman numeral

* Wavelength to RGB

* WHOIS lookup

* Folder support

* Rotten Tomatoes

* Random Quote

* Import via Outlook

* Airport codes

* Area codes

* Countdown Timer

* Bi-gram phrases

* Comments & sub-notes

* Recipes

* Flashlight / torch

* Base64 encode/decode, unique word, lexical density, word lengths

* Compare text

* Hotkeys


 What's New

**HTC One m8 users you have a bug in a recent app update called "Android System WebView" that is crashing apps on your device. Go to "Android System Webview" in your My Apps page of Google Play, and uninstall the updates. All will work again. E-mail me if you need help **

- New color chooser for sketches

- Copy text from history

- Extras/Duration calculator

- Extras/Date calculator


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