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Forge of Gods (RPG) v2.59 (Mod Money)

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Forge of Gods (RPG) v2.59 (Mod Money)

Requirements: 2.3.3 +

Overview: Install RIGHT NOW and get free Epic Award of 99 crystals, after training! 

GODS are not born, they are MADE... by YOU! 

A game that will definitely appeal to real HARDCORE GAMERS who likes RPG arena shooting, action, and card strategy.




PASS all the tests, SLAY all the enemies on the battlefield, CAPTURE their souls and FORGE your own ARMY OF GODS. 

★ 600+ different and absolutely unique characters 

★ Daily Bonuses for online play 

★ Daily Quests with valuable awards 

★ Battle with real players in PVP arenas and keep track of your progress 

★ Elaborate Dungeons and epic weapons 

★ Ability to summon elite warriors 

★ Invite your friends from Facebook and Twitter and share this fabulous experience with them 

In the FORGE OF GODS, a huge fantasy world is available, with an incredible selection of locations and characters in the best traditions of RPG and MOBA: evil magicians, archers, sinister spiders, zombie wolves, giant mushrooms, ogres, rain-makers, and many other creatures who will fight for you. 


Choose your own strategy role-playing game on the way to victory over the Titans and real PVP players. 


RPG requires constant work on your troops. Win in PvE combat vs. monsters, take them into your squadron, and upgrade by evolving your character. Collect the magic stones/runes to improve your characters skills - strength, rage, attack, defence, and achieve high level of excellence! 


To pass complex challenges encourage elite warriors. They will help get through the Dungeon, find a magic treasure chest, defeat enemy bosses, and get the resurrection formula for creating your own unbeatable army. 


With Real Opponents fight against other hardcore gamers from around the world in the Battle Arena and show everyone who is worthy of the title: God of War, Commander of Demons and Dragons. 


The Special EVO sector features daily quests to gain valuable REWARDS. The Gold Mine stores treasures in its chambers that await your hero. 


You can use the Warlord’s friends to earn extra honor points and reach the ranks of the best players. 


Every week there are new monsters, heroes, quests, and campaigns. 

If you are ready to accept the challenge of creepy monsters from hell, evil skeletons and zombies, powerful necromancers and skilled assassins, then you have to choose your own team, because by itself, even a unique character can't handle it. Be prepared to sacrifice something! Use your own step by step strategy to repel the attacks of enemies, capture the souls of monsters, earn treasure chests full of Emeralds, and conquer the last enemy boss in every region, via PvE. 

You’ll be able to capture animals, demons, and people who use dangerous weapons or magic amulets. In every battle, you can use a combination of abilities and enhancements: resurrection, health, defence, attack, and others. To win, use them to the max! Absorb captured enemies into your army: each new opponent you defeat brings you a new formula with which you can resuscitate the enemy and get him to fight on your side and in this way make your army even more invincible! RPG and MOBA has never been so exciting. 

Take advantage of combining several heroes - pimp your character to the God lvl. Sacrifice weak heroes for the best ones. Through immolation you will earn extra experience! 

Remember, ONLY THE GODS WILL SURVIVE this final fantasy! 



What's New 

Critical bugs fixed!


1. Refresh Warlord Progress. You can reset a part of your Warlord's evolution progres! Find a way to get stronger!

2. Reborn! - Old creatures can be transformed into another, powerful creatures (Wolf+Wolf=Lion).

3. High Tier creatures improved!

4. Bestiary. - Once you found a new creature, you can see it in Bestiary! As well, you don't need to keep all creatures in army for completing sets.

5-10. Many cool features and bug fixes.


Name of cheat:

- 5,000,000 gold

- 50,000 gems

- No tutorials


You must have enough gems or coins to buy any items. Buy any items to force the server to save your unlimited coins and gems


Go to Summon -> Items and buy any items to inject your unlimited gems into the server


Manual Step:

Install original game from Google Play. 

Play tutorial. Close game. 

Uninstall the original game. Your savedata is still saved in the game server and you can get it back.

Download the APK file

Go to app drawer, open "Downloads" system app and tap the downloaded APK file to start installations.

Tap "Install"

Run the game.



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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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