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Shopping List Voice Input PRO v3.0

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Shopping List Voice Input PRO v3.0

Requirements: Varies with device 

Overview: Create your shopping list easily - by voice input or keyboard! Even easier in this pro version.




- you can hange the font size of your items and leave your reading glasses at home

- you get a bunch of good karma ;)

- you get more button background colors including transparent

- there are no more of these annoying "get the pro version" ads. Well, no ads at all

- you get all the feature of the free version as well


You won't forget anything during your shopping spree. Tiny, but fast, easy-to-use and stable shopping list app without any needless features.


FREE features:

- add new items with one click easily (by speech recognition or by keyboard)

- send your list to anyone by whatsapp, facebook messenger, skype or good old email ;)

- deactivate items with just one click again(so you can re-use them later)

- correct or change your item names

- your shopping list is always with you and the shopping cart is always full

- forget pen and paper, you do not need them anymore for your shopping list

- various configuration options

- can be used as a to-do list as well

- localized in English, Spanish and German


And last but not least: "Shopping List - Voice InputPRO" is used by me, its developer.



The only permission required is internet access for performing the voice input


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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gaga92 & others .. :

Download & install JDownloader 2 on P.C. with Windows (try google for installer jDownloader link) . Use it for download shared link .

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