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Fireball Live Wallpaper Pro v2.0.0

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Fireball Live Wallpaper Pro v2.0.0
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: From warm red to electric-blue, Fireball Live can adapt its colors to reflect the battery level. The ever-changing theme is both beautiful and useful!

You will soon notice its pretty patterns, its varying color themes and the touch effect.
You won't notice its battery drain, as it is minimized with a great care. Fireball Live is not only nice, it is also energy efficient!
Customize Fireball Live to match your style: Smooth dancing lights or big 8-bit pixel art, what will you chose?
We want to produce the best app quality, please send your feedbacks as they are precious to improve Fireball Live Wallpaper!
About the Pro version:
- offers more customizations (choose the lights colors, add special effects, more to come !)
- requires no permissions
- ad-free
- reduced app size

Version 2.0.0
• Energy waves!
• Color, intensity and speed are customizable (PRO).
• New coloration mode: cyclic colors (PRO).
• Cycle length, hue variation and color saturation is customizable (PRO).
• New coloration mode: manual colors (PRO).
• Choose up to 10 colors in the custom gradient (PRO).
• Important patch for some phones (mainly Samsung Galaxy devices).
• Luminosity setting is now unlocked for lite users.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Fireball Live Wallpaper Pro v2.0.0.apk -  1.3 MB

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