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Jungle Animal Hunting - Sniper v1.6 [Mod Money]

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Jungle Animal Hunting - Sniper v1.6 [Mod Money]

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Just when you thought the sniper hunting series is over and you have mastered the jungle sniper hunting skills, we bring a whole new challenge series to hunt down different wildlife animals in this jungle animal hunting 3d. 




The dangerous jungle is filled with animals like Deer, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Wolf, Zebra and many more. With hunting and sniper shooting on your mind enter the jungle with your sniper rifle and other gadgets like binoculars to hunt down animals to be a legend sniper. Stealth sniper missions where you need to search for your prey and hunt them down. You have played many hunting games with various animals mastering the skills to be a huntsman. It’s something you have dreamed off. All in one action-packed jungle hunting in the most realistic lush green forest surrounded by the mountains. 


Be a modern animal sniper and gear up with your sniper rifle and let’s hunt. Wildlife animals are dangerous and are somewhere in this valley filled with lush green grass, mountains and trees. Winter has just passed and a bright sunny day is what huntsman love while searching for their prey. The hunting ground is set for you to enter the forest to against the ferocious jungle beasts. Lion is know to be the king of the jungle. Make them talk to your bullets. Sniper 3d shooting skills should be enough to hunt your prey all alone with your sniper rifles. Plan your hunt well and look for headshots. Kill Lion, Tiger, Deer, Wolf and other wildlife jungle animals. Meanwhile, protect your hut in the middle of the jungle from these killer animals.


★★★ STORY ★★★

Being a top huntsman, you always thought what’s next for you. Accepting a challenge to live in a middle of a jungle inside a wooden hut could be life threatening for you. With past experience as a legend army sniper and assassination professional, the conditions still don’t favor you. Living in a jungle filled with wildlife animals hungry for blood is a challenge. With no companion but exotic weaponry in this jungle animal hunting game just aim, shot and kill. Show them you were born to be a Sniper. Snipe like a legend sniper and kill ferocious animals like lion, tiger, panther, wolf and many more. Conquer the hunting ground and survive the jungle hunting life.



• Realistic Jungle Hunting Environment

• Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom

• Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)

• 3D Graphics and Sound effects

• Real-time Animal Hunting


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More Info:


Download Instructions:




com.gss.sniper.jungleanimalhunting.zip -  66.3 MB

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