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System Manager for Android v1.5.4

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System Manager for Android v1.5.4
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: *** This is the premium version. A free (Ad-supported) version is available if you want to try before you buy. Check for other software from the same developer. ***
- A power usage reporting tool, that let you know what is the power usage distribution between the different hardware components of your device and what is the power usage of each single software package installed on your device,

- A data accountant, reporting device and per-app mobile data and WiFi usages over the last day, week and month. This feature will help you manage your mobile data plan,

- A CPU usage monitor that tracks down every cycle used by you apps, and let you know which ones are using the most processing power, and most importantly, which ones are using it while the device should be sleeping,

- Evaluates in real-time battery current intensity and estimates remaining time on an average or current rate basis,

- A task manager, with the ability to stop multiple apps at once,

- A monitoring system, charting CPU and network, in real-time,

- A connectivity manager, with the ability to automatically shut down WiFi and/or mobile data when turning off your device, and to turn on mobile data only when the apps you've chosen are running (and turning it off when none of them are),

- A system optimizer, that closes unused apps for you at regular interval in background, to help you keep CPU and memory footprints of your apps to a minimum,

- A very gentle (or very aggressive) automatic task killer, keeping an eye on CPU usage of all running processes and terminating whatever is crossing the threshold you've specified,

- An accountant of all network usage, helping you to determine in real-time or over long periods what is using your data plan,

- Two separated widgets home screen (one for system performance, another one for power monitoring) and a persistent notification, so you get instant access to the most useful information very easily, such as instant CPU usage, network traffic and estimation of the remaining battery life (or time for full charge.)

System Manager for Android has been developed to be the most lightweight possible, CPU and memory wise.

This app won't ask you for unnecessary permissions like Internet or personal data access.

System Manager for Android is compatible with devices of all manufacturers running Android versions 2.2.x up to 4.0.x, as well as tablets running Android versions 3.x up to 4.0.x.

Devices with large screens like tablets are fully supported, as the app is taking advantage of all screen real estate to provide you with a nice control panel.

May you encounter something wrong with System Manager for Android, please send us a report from your device if you are proposed to. This will transmit to the developers non-personal information on what happened, helping us to correct the issue.

This app has no advertisements

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System Manager for Android v1.5.4.apk -  3.2 MB

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