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Unread Gmail Badge PRO v1.0.6

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Requirements: 3.0 and up

Overview: Unread Gmail Badge is a widget that allows you to view the number of unread emails. With one click, it directly opens the

Gmail app.


* Our original popular 'Gmail Unread Counter' app (close to 100,000 downloads) has been suspended for violating Google's

policy. We suspect that the use of Google's Gmail icon had caused it, so we removed the icon from our app. If you want to

contribute by providing your own (unique & license free) Gmail/Email icons, please email us.

** If you have purchased 'Gmail Unread Counter' and wish for a refund, please email us your order number.

★★★ "a must have widget on your home screen, if your emails are very important to you" - androidwidgetcenter ★★★

Unread Gmail Badge is a widget that allows you to view the number of unread emails. With one click, it directly opens the

Gmail app.

- You can use multiple Gmail accounts

- You can select different labels/tabs/folders (*paid version only)

- One widget can support multiple accounts and labels

No more clicking around to access your various email lists - one click and you are there!

[Note] : 'Unread Gmail Badge' doesn't change until Gmail app updates itself. If the notification on top receives a new mail

but our app counter doesn't change within a minute, then please report to us.

[Note2] : If you are using a task managing app, make sure to add Unread Gmail Badge to the ignore list. When the app is

killed, the widget will stop updating.

[important] : Gmail app (NOT Android version) needs to be 4.0.5 or higher. Be sure you first check the Gmail app version

and/or update to the latest. If you installed this app before updating Gmail app to the latest(specified above) version,

please uninstall this app and then re-install again.


[if you don't see the widget] : Sometimes widgets don't show up in the widget list. It is a problem from Android or (most

likely) from the custom launcher. After install, please reboot your device and then check your widget list again.

[You want to put the widget at the bottom dock] : Unfortunately, this is not possible. We had to make it a 1x1 widget in

order to show badges and simply widgets cannot be placed at the bottom dock. There are some custom launchers (ex.

Nova Launcher) or custom ROMs that supports 1x1 widgets at the bottom dock.

*Thank you for the beautiful icons.

Credit: & (DCikonZ)

*Thank you for the translations:

[swedish] Bosse Björklund

[Hungarian] Zalan Varvasovszki

[Dutch] Luca Messina

[French] Thibault Spreux

[Polish] Krzysztof Stepien

[Portuguese] Rogerio Dias

[Chinese] Kailai Shao

[Russian] Кулагин Владимир Владимирович

[ukrainian] Кулагин Владимир Владимирович

What's New


Ukrainian translation added


Russian translation added

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:

Code: ... gmailbadge


Download from ZIPPYSHARE.COM

Download from ZIPPYSHARE.COM

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