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MobiQR + MobiScan v.0.0.1 (beta) (Chrome extension + APK)

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MobiQR + MobiScan v.0.0.1 (beta) (Chrome extension + APK)

Requirements: Android OS 2.3.6 + (looks funny on old devices, but working. Best used on 4.x)

Overview: So you enjoy browsing this site with a big screen, but end up typing long urls on your phone to download an app ? Or you just download it on pc first, then connect the phone and send the file ? What if it was something as simple as a point-and-click ?!?




Install this Chrome extension to enable QR codes on download links. Browse the forum and look for the app you want to download. Next to a link, you will see a QR code image (just like the blue 'premium' arrow). Click it to expand. Open a QR reader on your phone, scan the image and GO ! The full black code is for regular download, the black and red code is for premium link.


Now, you maybe never used such codes and you might be wondering what is the best QR reader app out there..

There are really a lot, but only one is coded and supported by me !


Get MobiScan now !

App is coded with Phonegap, and requires minimum permissions to access the internet and use camera & flash to scan the codes.

A single button to scan the code, and  a button to open your system (or third party) browser and go to the link. It's as simple as that, nothing more to say, really.



This duo will allow you to browse Mobilism with your pc and conveniently share a download link on your phone without typing anything.


Technical Note:

Extension is enabled for both main domains, forum.mobilism.org / mobilism.me

It uses internal resources only, no external calls to other servers are made.


Plugin is based on jquery 1.7.1.

QR image is generated with a third party lib, named jquery-qrcode (https://github.com/jeromeetienne/jquery-qrcode)

Lightbox effect of the QR is provided by a third party lib, named Featherlight (http://noelboss.github.io/featherlight/)


All the above libs are included in the extension, so no external calls are made.

Not their authors, nor me are able to see what you scan or download with my extension.

I could add some ads and tracking to my app, but it was a design choice not to do it to provide you with the best of privacy and usability I could.

Because of that, I'd really need your feedback as I have no way to gather data on app usage.

This app is free, and exclusive for Mobilism.



Security Note:

The phone app is created with Phonegap and it uses WebView. You are advised not to scan QR codes outside of Mobilism. QR code might contain malicious links or harmful javascript code that could exploit WebView in your phone and MobiScan is not meant to be a universal QR code reader, just a companion for the above chrome extension. It should be safe as long as you use it for what it's intended.

Cyberlockers might add malicious ads and redirects to fool your phone into downloading rogue software. So, use ad blockers, caution, and consider buying a Mobilism Premium account to get rid of ads, captchas, and waiting time.



How to install the Chrome Extension:

Browse to chrome://extensions in your Chrome address bar.

Drag & drop the MobiQR.crx file into that window.

You will be prompted to add it to extensions.

Do not enable in private browsing (see Known Bugs)



Known bugs:

+ App icon for low def devices might look buggy. (I'm not really good at gfx, paint couldn't help much on this)

+ Premium links for tusfiles, rg and other overly long urls are not recognized (Already planned a fix, some recode will be needed, a new bundle might be necessary)

+ Enabling extension for private browsing will disable it and force delete / reinstall the extension (Not sure if it's my mistake in the code or a security measure, since the extension does not come from chrome store. Still, it's a bug for me)


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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