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Launcher 10 beta v3.2.7 + Launcher 10 prime v3.2.2 (patched)

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Launcher 10 beta v3.2.7 +Launcher 10 prime v3.2.2  (patched)

Requirements: 4.1 and up 

Overview: Everything you need in a launcher

Launcher 10 Prime

Unlock all the prime features by purchasing Launcher 10 prime




•Weather effects Apply great weather effects on your home screen which mingles with app icons(you can also set the weather effect to change according to real weather)

•Dock swipe and styles change different platforms in dock styles to give best look to your dock

•Icon theme,size and labels change icon theme ,icon scale modify icon labels on your desktop and app drawer

•Transparent status bar suffering with dark status bar? get transparent status bar with launcher 10 transparent status bar clone in prime version

•Drawer groups Avoid a messy app drawer,create folders in app drawer.organise your apps by creating different app groups in app drawer.

•Hide apps hide the apps which need to be hidden and access them through private route!

•Gestures allot different settings/actions/shortcuts for your gestures(pinch,swipe,two finger swipe,clockwise and anti clockwise rotate & double tap)

•Transition animations experience the power of unique transition animations exclusive to launcher 10(Crystal,bubble,glow wave)

•Scroll effects unlock all scroll effects with launcher 10 prime

•Shutters experience the power of shutters.open tens of widgets through a swipe on desktop

Launcher 10 prime is a license to unlock all the prime features that are locked in free version.please install Launcher 10 first.


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