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Klink (Red Edition) v1.23 build 27

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Klink (Red Edition) v1.23 build 27

Requirements: 1.5 and up +lucky patcher/MOD Gplay

Overview: Klink is a utility by Faveset LLC for connecting a PC to your Android device over USB.




- Supports Windows (XP/Vista/7/32-bit/64-bit), Mac OS X 10.5 (or later), and Ubuntu (32-bit/64-bit)


- Does not require a rooted device


NOTE TO PURCHASERS OF THE ORIGINAL KLINK: Your purchase is still valid. It is NOT necessary to buy Klink (Red Edition), as functionality is unchanged. Please visit the "Download" page at http://www.faveset.comto download the original version of Klink, or email support if you have questions.




After installing and running Klink, please tap "Set up your Computer" and follow the instructions. Klink requires the installation of a small companion program on your PC, so following the step-by-step guide is suggested.


HELP: Please visit the Google Group via http://www.faveset.com/klink/support, or email [email protected]


It would be appreciated if you asked for help before posting negative feedback, as virtually all problems can be resolved. Otherwise, please leave your email address when commenting so that someone can get in touch with you.


As some users may have difficulty evaluating everything within the 15-minute refund window, a once-per-user 24-hour return policy is in effect; simply include your order number when contacting support. No one should feel rushed. Please contact support if you need any help during setup



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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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