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LiquidGold CM11 & CM12 Theme v1.12.2.12

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LiquidGold CM11 & CM12 Theme v1.12.2.12
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: LiquidGold Next By TeamCarbon
**** For Cyanogenmod 11 & 12 Roms ONLY *****


This gorgeous dark theme, with great golden yellow tones, gives your phone a completely different look and feel from stock. Its also one of the most comprehensive themes out there.... and we keep working to make it better.
TeamCarbon has been making themes for Cyanogenmod Roms for over 4 years, so there's a lot of experience that goes into it.

Theme Elements
*Over 1000 color themed application icons
*Completely different look and feel to phone interface
*Custom BootAnimation
*Theme font

LiquidGold themes over 20 applications along with the main framework. Check the screenshots below for a full look.

Please note that screenshots are from CM12 (lollipop) build of theme, there are some variations between CM11 and CM12 themes, although we have tried to keep them as consistent as possible.

Update to v1.12.2 for CM12 users
Fixes for:
Contacts not visible on CM12s roms
Dialer crash on CM12.1 roms
Hangouts call selector window text visibility
Added icons for CM12s apps
Messenger app theming
Update to v1.12.1 (CM12)
Fix for Gmail white background when scrolling
Fix for Inbox returned email list background to black, and fixed a couple of unthemed icons
Themed Chrome URL bar, and site settings menu icons

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More Info:

Download Instructions:


LiquidGold CM11 & CM12 Theme v1.12.2.12.apk -  41.5 MB

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