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Fuelio Fuel log & costs v5.0.2

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Fuelio Fuel log & costs v5.0.2
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Fuel log and mileage tracking app for Android. Track your fill-ups, fuel consumption, fuel costs and save money.
- Easy and clean design
- Mileage log (track your fill-ups, costs, fuel economy, partial fillups, gps location)
- Multiple vehicles
- Useful statistics (total statistics, fill-ups, costs, average, fuel economy stats)
- Distance unit: kilometres, miles
- Fuel unit: litres, us gallons, imperial gallons
- Import/Export to SD
- Show your fill-ups on Google Map
- Charts (fuel consumption, fuel costs, monthly costs...)
- Dropbox Backup (PRO only)
- Google Drive Backup (PRO only)
Dropbox Sync (official API)
Auto-sync with Dropbox (while adding fill-ups or costs)
Google Drive Backup (official APIv2)
Auto-sync with Google Drive (while adding fill-ups or costs)
Shortcut (widget) for faster fill-ups adding
Costs module you can track other expenses of your car (not only fuel)
Cost stats - you can define your own category (like service, maintenance, insurance, wash, parking...)
Summary and each category stats
Cost charts (fuel vs other costs, categories, total montly costs)
Donation to author :)
New: BACKUP ALL and RESTORE ALL options in Settings.They will replace local .db import/export option which wasn’t stable (every database change in the app, ie. feature change made .db import outdated).Backup All and Restore All options are doing the same thing (just one click!) using text format and they are safe. If you have .db backup, you can still import your database but this option will be removed in future.
New: You can now browse your phone directories while using Import CSV option
This app has no advertisements
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