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AdbdSecure Pro v1.0

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AdbdSecure Pro v1.0
Requirements: 2.2 + ROOT
Overview: This is a license for adbdSecure Pro. Purchasing this will unlock pro features, when they become available in adbdSecure.

Please note that you will need this application and adbdSecure as this application is ONLY a license and does nothing on its own.
Here is the description for adbdSecure:
Root required for this application!
The pro version will contain more features in the future, right now it is available for only $1.99!
If you have a rooted phone and you have debugging enabled on your device then your device is at risk for attack!
This project: https://github.com/kosborn/p2p-adb/provides a set of tools for attacking your device from another device if you have debugging enabled on your phone.
Here is a video showing what this application helps protect you from:
This application can help guard against this in conjunction with a password, pin, or pattern protected device.
For this application to work and be effective you must have a lock screen enabled password, pin, or pattern lock.
This application will turn adbd on when the phone is unlocked and will turn it off when the screen goes off.
This application works with Tasker, you can use Tasker to enable and disable adbdSecure on a wide variety of different conditions.
I'll add more features to this as time goes on :)
Thanks to jairomeo for the High resolution image and application icon!

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

AdbdSecure Pro v1.0.zip -  1.8 MB

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