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Energy Engineering v1.02

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Energy Engineering v1.02

Requirements: 1.5+

Overview: Energy Engineering consists of a lot of individual calculation programs that can assist energy workers.


The app can calculate on many different energy savings, their payback time and send the results via email.

The app can be used by anyone who wants to calculate energy use, etc.

! Metric units of measurement !

Energy Engineering includes the following features:

Analysis scheme


- Replacement of lamps

- Replacement of the luminaire (including Cosphi)

- Lighting

Density of the mixed liquids

- Based on the mass

- Based on the volume of

Dew point


- Cable Power Values

- Ohm's Law

- Parallel Connections

Energy news

- English energy RSS feeds which can be loaded as needed

Inverter (Frequency convert)

- New percent performance

- New flow

Cavity wall insulation


- Links to 15 free utilities


- Temperature

- Energy

- Press

- Weight

- Length

Surface Temperature

- Indoor

- Outdoor

Pump power / pressure drop

Pipe insulation

Material Values

- Water

- Saturated vapor

- Air

- Metals

- Non-metals

- Density

Swimming pool

- Heat loss and evaporation

Payback & NPV

- Payback time up to 10 years incl. price increase of energysource

- Net Present Value up to 10 years incl. price increase of energysource

U value, transmission losses and degree day’s consumption

- Lambda for mixed parts

- Lambda

- U value

- Transmission losses

- Degree days'

Water consumption and savings


- Critical flow factor

- Liquids cavitation

- Gases and steam

- Noise

- Kv value

- Kv (standard series of numbers)

- Rangeability

- Authority


Aggregation of multiple efficiencies

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Download from

Download from

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