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Augmented SmartWatch Pro v7.8.3

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Augmented SmartWatch Pro v7.8.3

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: Ultimate addition to the Pebble, MotoACTV and Sony Smart Watches (1&2) 




All Watches

- Augmented`s legendary and customizable notifications with full tuning (including K9 email preview) - Why notifications are better @ http://bit.ly/WLN4wY

- Quiet Time (Weekday+Weekend)

- Stealth mode

- Support for rooted phones to provide more information for whatsapp, EnhancedEmail,SecureEAS,GMail+Exchange (Sender, subject and preview) @ http://bit.ly/11JMJxU

- Open Intent API to Taskers/other 3rd party apps

- Location based weather (with hyper-location alerts for N.A.)

- Low phone battery alerts

- Support for Withings, Fitbit, and Klout data

- Phone battery and signal strength info

- Network alerts

- Highly configurable

- Backup restore settings


- Music app override to provide widget mode (plus music control is possible by doube-tapping middle button on Pebble to toggle modes) - you must set Augmented to the Preferred Music App in the Pebble App for this to work (intelligent mode to auto select last music app played)

- Supports the Canvas Watchface

- Can invoke up to 6 Tasker tasks-can re-program each button from Tasker via Intent API to Augmented

- Custom behaviour for Alarm Clock (HTC, Galaxy and Nexus)

- Can see 5 prior alerts on Pebble

- Alerts are slowed down to the Pebble so you don`t miss any when a bunch arrive at the same time

- Alerts can be automatically split into multiple parts when shown on the Pebble

- Advanced auto re-connect + / of missed alerts

- Can respond to SMS+Incoming messages with 6 stored replies


Note some features are dependent on the current Music App support by Pebble (which may change in the future)

- if getting 2x duplicate notifications ensure show notification last is unchecked. Check autoscroll to uncheck option. Toggle on/off even if in off state.



- Information is automatically shown on Sony without needing to touch the watch true "at a glance" and 100% "hands-free"

- Color graphs

- Widget mode 2x tap side button

- Time 4 each screen/vibration can be configured

- Optimized for Sony 2


LiveWareâ„¢ extension for SmartWatch


- No special ROM required

- Bluetooth


Email support:

Android 4.0+ disable options for email under optimized notification settings + enable under all other notifications and turn on Alt Info check box

Older than Android 4.0, for GMail and Exchange try root options else if you are not able to root, then enable optimized notifications (for reduced information).

If you see FC on older Android releases (enable the flag under the Gmail option under optimized notifications to fix).

Notifications for all other applications are supported, but some applications are optimized::

KiK, Facebook, Viber, KakaoTalk, What's App (every message with Root), SMS, Xabber, Doggcatcher, Skype, Last.FM, Google Talk/Google Voice

Pandora, Spotify,Google Play Music,Deezer

Notify My Android/Growl

Google Navigation


Enable Augmented SmartWatch (accessibility)


- Notifications on other android phones-see video @ http://bit.ly/QWJAXE


Sony1 - After 1st install:

1) Enable widget mode

2) System settings->accessibility+enable for this app

3) If you want to be notified on K9 alerts and have not yet installed K9, please install K9 BEFORE installing this app (otherwise crashes may occur). Uninstall this app, install K9, then re-install this app.

Red dot top/left-no network, bottom/left-accessibility setting not enabled (for notifications to work, must be enabled)

Intent API/Tasker Tutorial for Pebble/Sony2 http://bit.ly/ZLR8fI

Samsung owners possible issue: http://bit.ly/Wh4vkL


Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

LiveWare extension for SmartWatch 2 


What's New

10 Reasons to buy app - http://bit.ly/ObzNaH

Android Wear Info @ http://bit.ly/1sDPYBF

SW2 User guide http://bit.ly/1goDckv

7.8.3. - Pushover, Edge Animation Contact Picture [email protected] http://bit.ly/1vCLXxA


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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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