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My Logs Pro v2.8.7

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My Logs Pro v2.8.7

Requirements:  Android 2.3.3 and up

Overview: My Logs is an application which functions as a log, journal, or note book. 




My Logs Pro


Features not found in My Logs:

- App Widget

- Password Access

- Quick log entry and Timed log entry

- Log Stop Time

- Tags (Create relations between log entries with tags)

- Forms (build custom log entry forms)

- Age (time since entry was logged)

- Duration (time spent on log entry)

- Category Data (time ago, duration, plot form data)

- Improved calendar view

- Choose columns to export

- Import log entries from CSV file


* No Internet Permissions, your private data is safe with you. Beware of other log apps that can access your log entries without your knowledge.


* Password Access: Set a password to protect access to your log entries


* Categorized Log Entries. Comes with predefined categories to get you going. If you do not see a category that you need, you can rename existing categories, create new ones, or delete those you don't want to see.


* Quick log entry - one click to add a log entry


* Timed log entry to monitor real time duration. Time tasks or activities


* Stop Time: Add a stop time to a log and keep track of time spent (duration)


* Tags: Create relationships between log entries with tags (Business, Personal, ...)


* Templates: pre-define log details with text when adding a new log entry


* Forms: takes templates to the next level. Build custom forms for quicker and easier log entry. Create plots of numeric data.


* Attach files, photos, or recordings to log entry


* Recognizes Web, Phone, and Email text in log description creating clickable links


* View log entries in a List view


* View log entries from calendar view. Select a day and the log entries will be listed below the calendar.


* Age: time since entry was logged


* Category Stats: Time Ago (Age)


* Category Stats Duration (time spent) - including pie chart and percentage (%)


* Swipe left/right to switch between List/Calendar view


* When in Calendar view, swipe up/down to change month


* Rate logs for additional significance


* Highly configurable. Create new log categories as well as rename existing


* Filter log entries by category, tags, date, and rating


* Search logs for specified text. Highlight search text in log description


* Use Calendar view to set date filter by long pressing on a date


* Save logs as csv or html file with option to email


* Preference to treat "," as delimiter in log description when exporting as .csv file. Use commas in the log description to create separate cells in a spread sheet. Good for recording and plotting data entered in the log description.


* Backup and restore database (NOTE: It is highly recommended that you regularly backup your logs and save to a different storage media)


* Automatic backup of database to SD card


* Uses the phones system time (12 or 24 hr) and date format to ensure consistent time and date format between apps. (Note: You can override the system date and time settings from MyLogs preference settings)


IMPORTANT: If you have questions or issues, please contact us via email ([email protected]). Do not post questions in the market as we are unable to respond.


Key: app, application, log, diary, note, memo, journal, secure, notepad, password, forms, templates, time ago,

start stop time, duration, track hours, time management, time task activity 


 What's New

v2.8.7 Fixes the widget freeze where it becomes unresponsive


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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