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Fliktu: Share Fast v1.2.3

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Fliktu: Share Fast v1.2.3
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Overview: Upgrading Android's Sharing System to be faster and usable in more places.

Fliktu: Share Fast

Fliktu upgrades Android’s Sharing System to be faster and makes it possible to share from places you couldn’t before.
It does this with three features:
1. Improved Share Menu
Fliktu’s Share Menu is organized by the apps you share to most and are most relevant to the content being shared. The apps you want to pick will literally be right at your finger tips.
It also automatically includes viewing apps so you can jump straight to a browser when sharing.
2. Share directly from links
After tapping a link, gently flick or shake your device to open Fliktu’s Share Menu instead of your default browser.
This lets you quickly share from links in many of your favorite apps.
This also gives you more flexibility opening links, you can choose to open the link in a different app. Maybe you want to open it in a different browser than your default.
Tapping links works as before and will open the link in your browser app if you don’t flick your device.
3. Share from your clipboard
Within a few seconds of copying a link, gently flick or shake your device to open Fliktu to share the link to other apps.
Polished Design
Includes material design, animations and general all around polish. I focused on making a solidly built, well-crafted app that works fluidly. Hope you enjoy it, shoot me an email if you have feedback or requests.

 What's New
Thanks for the feedback so far. Let me know how the app is working for you at [email protected] or @fliktu on Twitter.
Version 1.2 brings the following:
1. Share anything from the clipboard, not just links.
2. Swipe down or tap outside the menu to dismiss.
3. Menu loads even faster.
4. Signed a peace treaty with bugs and crashes.
1.2.* releases are minor small bug fixes.

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

Fliktu Share Fast v1.2.3.zip -  1.7 MB

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