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Voice PRO v3.2.3 Patched(Offline & All Plugs Unlocked)

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Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: The most complete, the best “Audio Editing for Android”




The most complete, the best “Audio Editing for Android”


By adopting this application you will soon realise its potentiality and multiple functions which will allow you to make practically all you need and want to do with your records. Like edit, cut, adjust, eliminate disturbances and noises and insert background.

It will add audio effects, change tempo and volume, unit or mix record of any format or quality.

★ Record can be converted in texts in more than 50 languages

★ Share on Facebook, Twitter and Voice PRO Cloud

★ Receive Bluetooth files directly into Record list

★ Convert YouTube video to audio file


1)The Voice Recorder makes it possible to:

☆ Record in formats as WAVE-MP3-OGG

☆ Insert in real-time a background using any file already present in your device. You can also download –free of charge– new ones from a library on line.

☆ Insert tag to help you select, during the playback, the most interesting parts of your records.

☆ Use the Earphone to control the effect of the background during recording.

☆ Record in background and at the same time utilise the device for other services.

2) Record list allows to :

☆ Visualize records info such as length, sample rate, dimensions, channels.

☆ Operate the playback both with internal and external player.

☆ Restore the records and complete them.

☆ Mix or merge any record in all formats.

☆ Handle the preferred ones , share them, add notes and tag and research the files.

☆ Convert in many formats (mp3, wav, flac, ogg)

☆ Remove vocals, Handle the GAIN, the TIME, the RUMORS, and the REVERB – an example of the remarkable possibilities of applicable effects.

☆ Convert records in texts. “VOICE-PRO” is the only existing application in all the world’s markets allowing you to convert your records of any length in “Texts”, giving you therefore the possibility to listen to them with an internal “Vocal synthesiser” and save them in Audio Format . In other words you actually synthesize your own voice.

☆ Encrypt and decrypt your records and protect them with Password at 128 bytes*

3 The EDITOR makes possible to:

☆ Mix with other records or background.

☆ Cut off parts of records and save them in new files or new formats either musical, sonic or Identifying-sounds.

☆ Restore a record from backup.

“VOICE-PRO” in its great versatility can even extend – against payment – to some functions such as :

- Perform other format of export/import audio (8svx,aif,aifc,amb,snd, dvms,prc)

- Mixing more than two files.

- Call recording.

- Voice to texts.

- Encrypting of files in AES with key at 128 bytes.

★ Additional features

- Home screen widget

- Mp3 bitrate change up to 320kbps

- Samplerate up to 48000 HZ

- Encoding at 8 and 16 bytes

- Registering in format MONO & STEREO

- Autogain to reduce noises during recording

- Pause in registering at incoming calls.

- Internal help for each function

- Control of icons, notifying and privacy

- Files backup

- Installation on SD CARD

- Request new effects or lyrics

“Voice Pro” is totally compatible with the majority of systems presently existing on the market. In addition we are glad to confirm that we are ready to supply to our clients a 24 HRS assistance with an average “Success-time” of 40 minutes.

Please remember that we can't contact you for extra information if you report an issue through the reviews.

What's New

Version 3.1.0 (Revolution)


* Exclusive use of LAKEBA Framework for recording

* New MATLAB algorithms for Voice To Text (signal processing)

* YouTube import work with ALL video's

* Next/Prev Recording in player

* Added Google+ Community link


* Select All Recording fixed

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:

Code: ... m.voicepro


Download from ZIPPYSHARE.COM

Download from ZIPPYSHARE.COM

Download from UPLOADS.WS

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I don't need this app, but I tested for a friend of mine as there is NO TRIAL or FREE VERSION.

I DISABLED WIFY, but the app said that is NOT LICENSED,

When I enabled WiFy and Opened the app, I instantly received an email saying:

You have installed a non-genuine copy of Voice PRO

Dear User, the copy of Voice PRO for Android that you are trying to install on your device is fake.

Voice PRO is a brand and a patent application developed by A&G SOFTWARE ITALY SRL

Infringement of copyrights is a criminal offense in Europe. The fine is up to 300.000 EUR and a term of up to 3 years imprisonment.

To protect our rights and in respect of European laws in terms of data protection, we have collected your IP address and your Email address

Your Email: [email protected]

Your IP: an-ip-adress-(Lucky that I was connected to an free-public-wify-hotspot)

If you intend to solve the problem in an extra court way, proceed with the purchase of the license by using the link above and share with the receipt of payment by replying to this email.
Click here to proceed with the license purchase.
Copyright © 2012 A&G Italy, All rights reserved.



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so what happen after you got that email from voice pro, did you pay via Goggle app market and if not did they take it further

That email is a SCAM from the original developers, with the intention to protect the app.

I personal don't care about this app, but a friend of mine is curious, I am a computer geek, him is not.

Him is justs a crazy musician/artist/music maker.

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I got the same mail.

Do I have to worry?

Find it strange that the mail is dated with the copyrights from 2012 but does still have the same mail as the official site.

Also weird how they got my email?

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