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Mage And Minions v1.0.91 [Mod Money]

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Mage And Minions v1.0.91 [Mod Money]

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: You and your companions fight to stop Ragadam’s apocalyptic plan in this charmingly immersive Action-RPG that takes place in a multi-planet universe of swords, aliens, and space-faring dragons.




Unlock and upgrade your armor, weapons and minion companions as you journey from magical villages to remote mountaintops, dark dungeons to alien worlds. Fuse your treasures, advance your character, progress through the story and cast spectacular spells conjured from simple gestures to defeat hordes of monsters and grow in power. Find weapons and loot, learn mind-bending spells, and recruit companions to help you in your battle to save the worlds from impending doom. 


* Tablets are now fully supported. Get immersed into the action using your big screen device *



● Fight spectacular real-time battles against hordes of skeletons, robots, beasts, demons, aliens, dragons and many other minions of Ragadam 

● Loot armor and weapons, or craft your own, and equip your hero 

● Recruit companions and use their abilities in combat 

● Gain experience and level up your hero and companions to unlock new abilities 

● Explore exotic landscapes and uncover Ragadam’s origins and his plan 

● Use simple and immersive controls: draw signs to cast spells, tap to move and attack


What's New 

Stash: a common inventory shared by all your heroes is now available.

Jewelcrafting: rings & necklaces can be now crafted. You can choose the attributes you want by combining three lower quality jewels into a higher quality jewel.

Gemstones: powerful gemstones can now be socketed into gear to amplify your hero's combat prowess. Gemstones can also be used while crafting jewels to obtain items of truly amazing power.

Bugfixes: Whirlwind now properly scales with its level.


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