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Corgi for Feedly v0.10.4

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Corgi for Feedly v0.10.4

Requirements: 3.2+

Overview: Swipe is a personalized lock screen news feed app that lets you read news from popular sources without unlocking your smartphone.




Did you know that on average users turn on their phone screen 110 times per day? The first thing they see is a lock screen and since standard ones don’t offer valuable information we decided it’s time to change that. We created Swipe, a personalized news feed app for lock screens. Swipe will deliver the latest news from popular sources right when you turn on the screen without you needing to unlock the smartphone.

Here’s what makes Swipe a great choice if you need a change for your lock screen:

- Choose the sources you want to follow and receive news from

- News items will show on your lock screen whenever you turn your screen on

- Incredibly easy usage, swipe up to read the full news, left to get more or right to unlock the phone

- Set up your own swipe pattern for unlocking the phone

- Android L ready design with unique design patterns

If you want to start reading news but don’t know how to start, Swipe is the answer for you. Add the resources you want to follow, and in a week time you will start reading news without even realizing it.

If you are a daily news reader, Swipe can save you hours of time. There’s no need to even unlock the phone. Get your articles right when you need us and let us take care of getting them to you.

Swipe supports most of the popular news websites, such as TechCrunch, The Verge, Engdaget, Mashable, BBC Business Insider and many others.

If you enjoy reading blogs, you can read latest post right when you turn on the screen. Medium, Ghost, Blogger, as long as the blog supports RSS.

If you are a Reddit reader, with Swipe you can stay up to date with all of the latest happenings. Just add your sub-Reddit, for example r/Android, and read news right on your lock screen.


With Swipe all you need to do is to choose your favorite news sources and you’ll get the latest updates on your lock screen. Best of all, Swipe is available for free on Google Play.

You can read more about it on http://getswipe.co/

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- Now you'll never loose your Feedly subscriptions again. You can choose what to see or not see on you Lock Screen!

- Added support of some stock and 3d party alarms: Samsung, HTC, Moto, LG, ZTE, Sony, Gentle Alarm, Sleep As Droid, AlarmDroid. (Not of them tested well, if you have some issues let us know)

- RAM consumed by App is totally reduced. Terminated memory leaks.

- ANRs and Strict modes fixes

- Icon and UI updates

- Some crashes are resolved

- WebView cache clean


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