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MotoDROID v1.4

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MotoDROID v1.4

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: WARNING: MotoDROID needs at least the accelerometer, the gyroscope and the gps sensor in order to run; otherwise the application will be closed.

MotoDROID is a biker-oriented app that allows the user to view in real-time and with different styles of motorcycle the values of the angles of banking left and right and the angles of wheelie/stoppie, and also the values of the lateral and longitudinal accelerations. Choose one of the following styles: indicators, sport, custom, cross, old wheels, look at the data in real time and take some useful reference for the curves or braking points more difficult for you . Discover the stresses to which your body is subjected while you are driving.




It is not recommended to use the display mode for long journeys as it consumes the battery faster and may distract the driver ; records rather your data and see them directly on your smartphone.

MotoDROID can also register all the data related to the geographical position and the spatial orientation of the bike, then collect all the data and produce a graphical replay that integrates GoogleMaps, which you can see directly on your device. When the replay is running a cursor starts to retrace the trip you made and the indicators below will show the values of the banking, wheelie and stoppie angles, the values recorded by the accelerometers and the instantaneous velocity. In the Statistcs you can see detailed graphics of the speed, altitude, banking and wheelie/stoppie angles and the max values of each of them, reached during the travel.

Send us your comments on MotoDROID , your suggestions to make it more intuitive and easy to use, and report any bug by entering a short description of the problem , the smartphone used and the version of your ANDROID operating system.

A website will be soon available where you can upload your trips and compare your data with all the users of MotoDROID.

Have fun !


What's New

New Holo look

Multilanguage ENG, ITA, ESP, DE, FR

bugs fixed

Remove/Rename the saved files.

New pie charts in Statistics, more efficient accelerometers projections.


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