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CM 12 Sense 7 Blue Theme v1.03

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CM 12 Sense 7 Blue Theme v1.03
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: This is a theme for who likes interface of htc devices. Now you can have a Sense 7 and HTC M9 look with your cyanogenmod installed device !
Its compatible with CM12, AICP, Vanir, BlissPop, CyanideL, Candy5, Euphoria, Resurrection Remix, Screw'd, Validus, Team UB, Dirty Unicorns, Fusion ROMs.

You can use theme for XXXHDPI / XXHDPI / XHDPI / HDPI


+ Fully themed Android
+ Fully themed SystemUI
+ Fully themed Dialer
+ Fully themed Messaging
+ Fully themed Contacts
+ Fully themed Music (Eleven)
+ Fully themed Settings
+ Fully themed File Manager
+ Fully themed Gallery
+ Fully themed Sound Recorder
+ Fully themed Calculator
+ Fully themed Downloads
+ Fully themed Theme Chooser
+ Fully themed Whatsapp
+ M9 Default Blue Theme Wallpaper
+ M9 Default Blue Theme Lockscreen Wallpaper
+ M8 Boot Animation
+ M8 Fonts
+ M8 Alarm Tone
+ M8 Ringtone
+ M8 Notification Tone

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

CM 12 Sense 7 Blue Theme v1.03.apk -  24.4 MB

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