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Blood Bowl v3.1.4.2

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Blood Bowl v3.1.4.2

Requirements: 3.0+

Overview: Blood Bowl is the adaptation of the famous Warhammer Fantasy football board game created by Games Workshop.




Assemble your team from among six fantastic races* in the Warhammer universe (Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven, Wood Elves and Chaos). Each race has its own strengths, weaknesses and numerous opportunities to develop which will lend an immense tactical depth to the game.

Immerse yourself in single games in Solo Player mode to enjoy fun matches that won’t make your head hurt, or set off to conquer the Blood Bowl in the extensive Campaign mode. Develop your team and players by gaining victories and experience as you progress in the game.

In Multiplayer you can compete against a friend on your tablet in “Hotseat” mode, or launch yourself into the vast online world in a massive permanent league where you can create and develop your teams. Play against Blood Bowl players from all over the world thanks to our cross-platform multiplayer modes!

*The base game enables you to play Humans and Orcs: the other races are available from the in-game store.


What's New 

NEW TEAMS: The Lizardmen and The Dark Elves enter the pitch! Check out the store in the game menu to get your new teams and unleash their techniques during deadly matches!


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      Ian Livingstone and Tin Man Games present Blood of the Zombies on Android!!
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      Exclusive new features in the app:
      • All new death endings, written by Ian Livingstone. Not available in the print book! 
      • Kevin Crossley’s amazing illustrations colorised for the app, making full use of the high-resolution retina displays. 
      • Alternate artwork to unlock by Fighting Fantasy favourite, Martin McKenna. 
      • Achievements to find throughout the gamebook
      • Make the gamebook as easy or hard as you like and even turn on a special cheat mode to read it old-school! 
      • An animated Greg Staples cover – the zombie comes to life!
      Blood of the Zombies has been brought to Android using Tin Man Games’ critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine featuring:
      • An automated Adventure Sheet to keep track of stats and inventory. 
      • Realistic physics based dice rolling. Shake your Android device! 
      • Artwork gallery. Find an illustration in the gamebook and be able to access it full-screen forever. 
      • Bookmarking system which saves your position in the gamebook, much like putting your fingers between the pages to remember your previous page when reading the paperback! 
      • Specially composed soundtrack and sound effects. 
      • Works great on your Tablet or Phone! 
      Tin Man Games have signed a licensing deal to release the Fighting Fantasy series on Android, so expect to see more of your favourite adventure gamebooks coming over the next few years.
      What's New
      - minor bug fixes and general update
      This app has no advertisements
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      • A prank application to collect cheers moment with your friends
      • HD graphics and beautiful use of scanner animation
      • Too much user friendly and easy to use
      • FREE fun for all

      Warning: fingerprint blood pressure calculator is a prank and fake application and it is not capable to measure the blood pressure of a human body, all the reading that are used in this app are fake and randomly generated by app. It is developed for the sake of entertainment and joy.

      This app has no advertisements

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      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.randomsoft.fingerprint.blood.pressure.calculator.prank.free'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.randomsoft.fingerprint.blood.pressure.calculator.prank.free Download Instructions:Blood Pressure Scanner Prank v1.0.apk -  3.9 MB
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      Speedy Bowl v1.9
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: ☆ Easy to play action bowling game
      ☆ Fourth game from one-man game development studio ‘Fired Fire Studio’

      ※ 50% discount until 31 January 2015.
      ※ If you buy paid version, you can get a 'Smile' ball that has an ability to get energy twice.
      ※ Free version includes a minimum ads for development.
      ※ Enjoy free version and if you like it, please purchase paid version which has no ads. It will help so much for the developer.
      ※ Because it is a 3D game, Galaxy 4 or equivalent devices needed.
      ★ Play Tips!! ★
      # Tip 1: Use a booster. When the booster enables, booster can blow up all obstacles and pins as well.
      # Tip 2: Keep your energy. Energy can recharge if you take an energy bowl or hit the pins. You can only use the booster when you fully charged your energy.
      # Tip 3: Use special obstacles. Each stage has different obstacles. For example, Stage 2 has a Jump Pad, you can play easily if you use the Jump Pad.
      # Tip 4: Move a bowl little bit earlier to ditch obstacles. Because of the weight of Bowling bowls, a sharp curve makes gutter ball.
      # Tip 5 : After Spare or strike, try hitting pins as many as you can. Speedy Bowl follows the real bowling score rule, Bonus points are awarded for both of these, depending on what is scored in the next two balls (for a strike) or one ball (for a spare)
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