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Facer Watch Face v1.3.2

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Facer Watch Face v1.3.2

Requirements: Varies with device

Overview: Facer is the ultimate in custom watchfaces for Android Wear.




Think It, Make It, Wear It with Facer.

Please Note: Battery life will be diminished until you are upgraded to Android Wear 5.

Don’t be fooled by our competitors! Facer is the absolute best Watch Face Maker for Android Wear. Facer has been featured in multiple articles from Android news sites across the globe.

“The De Facto Custom Watch Face Maker For Android Wear” ­- Android Police 

“Facer allows you to create anything you can imagine.” ­- Phandroid 

“Essentially the Zooper of watch faces” ­- Android Headlines

Using our custom made rendering engine you can place text, images, or shapes anywhere on the screen. As well as update the position, contents, and more all dynamically based on a myriad of options at a fully fluid 60fps.

Facer is the most powerful tool for your watch allowing you the complete freedom to edit your watch face just the way you want. From a futuristic digital design to a classical analogue masterpiece, you can make them all with Facer. If an image is worth a thousand words why not have one that is sentimental? Facer allows you to put personal images in to any watch face to help you personalize your watch your way. Now you no longer have to have special watches for special occasions either. Want a new watch face to match your favorite suit or your new holiday sweater? You can either entirely create one on your phone, or download one of thousands provided via FaceRepo. Can't find your exact one? Download, edit, and preview them to see if they look fantastic then just sync the watch face to your watch seamlessly. Your Android Wear powered watch can be that final touch you need to pull off the perfect outfit with the help of Facer.

Facer is compatible with the following Android Wear watches.

● Motorola Moto 360

● LG G Watch

● LG G Watch R

● Samsung Gear Live

● Sony SmartWatch 3

● ASUS ZenWatch

Facer has tons of features and data sources. Of course your watch is a watch so it naturally features the time and date! Weather data allows you to keep yourself updated with the temperature, forecast, and the current conditions all on your watch. Custom text allows you to keep useful information on your watch or even just small reminders.

With the new WatchFace Style system, you can adjust how notifications show up on your watch as well. With the ability to show even more or less information just the way you want it. Whether you want small notifications to show more of your watchface, or large cards to get more information out of your notifications. It can be easily done with Facer’s new WatchFace Style system.

Using Facer you can download thousands of watch faces, made by people just like you, then sync them straight to your watch. With users all over the globe sharing their designs Facer offers you a choice in style. Plus with the ability to edit the watch faces you can make any watch face yours. Still can’t find a watch face you like? Join us over on the Facer Google+ Community and request a watchface! Someone in the friendly community is sure to help you out with your watch face!

The faces featured in the banner and the screenshots were all made by community members just like you!


The watchface doesn't show up on my device.

- Try going to the Android Wear App. Then under settings tap on "Resync Apps."

Weather data doesn't work for me.

- Try specifying a location under settings, in the format of City, State.

App Permissions explained:

•WakeLock: (required by the WatchFace). Allows Facer to update more frequently, even in low power mode.

•Write Internal Storage: Required to allow Facer to save images and watchfaces.

•Network communication: Required for in-app watchface store as well as weather data.


What's New 

New in 1.3.2: Day of month with leading zero, plus the option to never see a compatibility alert again!

• Facer now includes 8 FREE featured watchfaces! We’ll regularly add new watchfaces to the mix so you can keep your style fresh!

• Improved Share feature with fancy gradients and dynamic colors - make sure to share your creations and favorite watchfaces!

• You can now sort your watchfaces in alphabetical order, or most recently used

• Facer is now on Instragram and Tumblr!


This app has NO advertisements


More Info:'>>

Download Instructions:


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      ★ Show local weather, moon phase, sunset, sunrise!
      ★ Create countdowns to your birthday, Christmas, etc!
      ★ Drag and drop widgets in realtime.. amazing UI!
      ★ Text Effects Galore! - glow, outline, flat shadowl!
      ★ Battery (watch/phone) + WiFi widgets!
      ★ Add shaders for watch segments, radars & more!
      ★ Built with a 2D OpenGL games engine.. best performance!
      ★ Get 1000's of free watchfaces from FaceRepo + our huge G+ community!
      ★ Tasker plugin to set Watchface / Tasker variables!
      ★ Display compass and bearing!
      ★ Multiple Time Zone Support!
      ★ Zooper style series of hours / minutes!
      ★ Hue changing shaders!
      ★ Step counter / heart rate for fitness
      How to set a custom watchface
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      - Select "WatchMaker Premium"
      - This will set the 'Steel Blue' Watch Face as your default.
      - To change watch, open WatchMaker on your phone
      - Select another watch, then click 'Set Watchface'
      Also features :
      ★ Now with the new 5.0 Watchface API, you can customize sizes and placements for cards, indicators + OK Google!
      ★ 6 stunning built-in watch faces
      ★ Weather Data
      ★ Smooth second hand - 50fps!
      ★ Moto 360 clock, Samsung, LG G Watch + R
      ★ Industry standard expression library (LUA)
      ★ Add eye-catching flat shadows
      ★ Supports round and wear squares
      ★ Selection of analog and digital clocks!
      ★ Unique 'time machine' mode to preview watches!
      ★ Preview each watch in real-time
      ★ Supports black dimmed mode
      ★ Homescreen watchface
      ★ Get fit and count steps for top health!
      WatchMaker installs a wearable app that will show your desired watch face.
      Supports :
      - Motorola 360
      - LG G Watch
      - LG G Watch R
      - Samsung Gear Live
      - Sony Smartwatch 3
      - ASUS ZenWatch
      More Android Wear watch faces coming soon!
      Join our Google+ / Reddit community and get free watches :
      App Permissions explained:
      - WakeLock: allows watch app to update during ambient mode
      - Write Internal Storage: To save images and fonts to watches
      - Location: Local weather data
      - Calendar: Local calendar events
      - WiFi: display wifi signal strength

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:'>> Download Instructions:WatchMaker Premium Watch Face v3.4.0.apk -  15.2 MB
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      Cobo Launcher - Easy Beautify v1.3.2
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: You need the easiest Android beautifier - Cobo Launcher. Tap once, beautify all.

      One of the most convenient customizable launcher that you can’t imagine

      ☆Click once to choose your favorite theme
      ☆Tap Cobo themes to get more themes
      ☆Long press on icons to customize
      ☆Identify user’s common APP and place them at home screen
      ☆All cool, unique and fascinate themes are FREE
      ☆Fast, smooth, power saving and with less memory space
      Current features:
      1. Drawer open/dismiss effect improved.
      2. Dragging app from drawer to home screen changed.
      3. Hot tab added in Cobo Theme and the most hot and popular theme selected.
      4. Beautiful themes equipped with awesome icons, widgets and wallpapers, no additional download.
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      Leo Wong: Stunning!! I just can't hold myself checking for the featured list every single day! Come on! I need more stunning themes!
      Moss oracle: I like it. Amazing! Excellent! you never image how great it is!
      COME & SHARE your stunning desktop screenshots and wallpapers in our G+ community now! (

      Find us:
      - Email ([email protected])
      - Google + (
      - Facebook (
      - Twitter (
      Let’s make a great Cobo Launcher TOGETHER!

      WHAT'S NEW

      - (Added) Password added for hiding apps!
      - (Added) 5 new stuning scrolling effects added in!
      - Performance improvements.
      - Minor bug fixes.

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:'>> Download Instructions:Cobo Launcher - Easy Beautify v1.3.2.apk -  5.8 MB
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      TuneIn Radio Pro v13.2 (All Devices)
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Browse and listen to radio -- live, local and global.

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      **Follow college football leading up to the playoffs with live play-by-play coverage from 85 Division 1 teams including ​top-ranked ​Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Auburn, Ohio State, USC, Texas A&M, and other powerhouse teams from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac 12, & SEC. TuneIn lets you listen to your favorite teams right on your smartphone or tablet.**
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      - Stream over 100,000 real radio stations from around the world, playing sports, news, talk and music.
      - Hear your favorite music genres from Hip Hop to Top 40 Pop to Alternative Rock.
      - Discover your new favorite song, artist, show or station.
      - Find and follow genres, podcasts, artists, sports teams and more.
      - Listen to exclusive 24/7 stations from top podcasts and artists.
      - Share what you’re listening to with friends.
      - Record shows & listen to them anytime.
      - Enjoy TuneIn without display ads
      For information about why we request certain permissions visit:
      ✪ +1 us on Google Play: _
      ✪ Like us on Facebook: _
      ✪ Follow us on Twitter: _
      ✪ Follow us on Tumblr: _
      This app has no advertisements
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      TuneIn Radio Pro v13.2 (X86) - -  16.4 MB


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      Cut the Rope 2 v1.3.2 [Google Play]
      Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
      Overview: SWEET! Cut the Rope 2 has arrived and you can enjoy the full adventure for FREE!

      Cut the Rope 2 brings fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to the candy crunching, physics-based phenomenon that has delighted millions of players around the world! If you like Cut the Rope, you’ll love Cut the Rope 2!
      With new characters, fresh gameplay elements, and, of course, Om Nom, candy collecting has never been so fun! Complete tricky missions to earn medals, advance in the game and access special levels. Play with your friends to see who can get the highest score, or tackle the puzzles on your own!
      In his unexpected adventure, Om Nom breaks out of his box and travels through lush forests, busy cities, junkyards and underground tunnels, all in pursuit of one goal – CANDY! Along the way, he encounters the Nommies, the cutest candy collecting helpers a little green monster could wish for!
      ALL NEW LOCATIONS TO EXPLORE! Travel through an interactive map to discover new locations filled with candy collecting, rope cutting action.
      ALL NEW CHARACTERS TO MEET! Find 5 new characters, the Nommies, to help you on your unexpected journey.
      ALL NEW HATS TO BRAG ABOUT! Customize Om Nom, choose your favorite candy and select your finger traces.
      ALL NEW ADVENTURES FOR OM NOM! Experience completely new graphics, sound and gameplay elements, including the ability to move Om Nom.
      ALL NEW MISSIONS! Collect the perfect number of stars and strategically gather fruit to complete the mission in each level.
      • Roto can carry Om Nom to the best candy catching locations
      • Lick can make small bridges with his tongue to help Om Nom reach his goal
      • Blue can lift Om Nom to new levels of candy hunting fun
      • Toss can throw objects, including candy
      • Boo can scare Om Nom to jump to new heights
      Don’t waste any time - exciting surprises await! Help Om Nom find his way home...out of the forest, through a pond and a junkyard, into the city and beyond!
      Cut the Rope 2 supports high resolution for an optimal gaming experience on both phones and tablets.
      Already a fan?
      LIKE US:
      FOLLOW US:
      WATCH US: 
      VISIT US:
      Recent changes:
      Re-inflated all the balloons — now they are even more cheerful!
      This app has banner advertisements
      More Info:'>>
      Download Instructions:

      Cut the Rope 2 v1.3.2 [Google Play] - -  42.8 MB


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      Book Writer v1.32
      Requirements: Android 3.0+
      Overview: Be creative, write books and stories.

      Set up names separately and link them in your the stories. This makes them easier to change later.
      Each chapters progress is stored as a different versions, to enable you to go back to previous versions (PAID VERSION in future release).
      Export the stories.
      What's New:
      Book Languages
      Centre Align Text
      Immersive Mode when writing
      Share Single Chapters
      Daily Backup to Disk
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:

      Book Writer v1.32 - -  1.2 MB
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      Agify : Age your Face v2.4
      Requirements: 2.2 and up
      Overview: So you are wishing to know, how will you look when you are old.
      Then go ahead, Agify(Age your Face) is all you need.
      Just take picture or choose any from your gallery and play with them.

      Features :
      * Automatic face detection
      * Face Adjustment ( Use the Marker to adjust the actual position).
      * One click to Make yourself OLD.
      * SHAKE to switch back and forth.
      * Save to SD card
      * Share on different social media network.

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:'>> Download Instructions:Agify Age your Face v2.4.apk -  3.3 MB
    • By caffeine
      Uface - Unique Face Maker v2.0.6
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Make your face into a cartoon character like a professional illustrator!

      ★ Easy!
      Uface is the easiest face sketch tool for everyone. you can create all faces you want by simple controls. You will be satisfied with unique faces and funny looks made by various items. Surprise your friends with a hand-drawn style images.
      ★ Share!
      Do you want to share your own face sketches with others? Share the images on your gallery via Facebook and twitter.
      When you see various face sketches with phone ringing, it will make your day more funny.
      ★ Enjoy!
      Does it annoy you to select items one by one? Just touch random button. Unique faces that you've never imagined make you smile.
      Uface will give you a little break in your boring life with various features.
      Now, have a new experience!

      WHAT'S NEW

      Your face is on Uface! Now make a character of yourself!

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:'>> Download Instructions:Uface - Unique Face Maker v2.0.6.apk -  29.0 MB