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Ayat - Al Quran v2.6.2

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Ayat - Al Quran v2.6.2
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Holy Quran : KSU-Electronic Mosshaf project.

Features :
Viewing scanned(soft) copy of real printed Mosshaf.
Providing copy of Mosshaf Al-Madina, copy of Mosshaf Al-Tajweed (colored according to Tajweed rules) and copy of Mosshaf Warsh (Rewayat Warsh An-Nafei').
Al Quran recitations by many famous reciters (two of them are by Rewayat Warsh an-Nafei').
Repeating each Aya as many times as desired with time interval in between.
Search through Al Quran text.
Direct browsing the Mosshaf by Sura/Aya(Chapter/Verse) , Juz(Part) or Page number.
Six Arabic Tafsir(Commentary) "Al-Saa'di, Ibn-Katheer, Al-Baghawy, Al-Qortoby, Al-Tabary and Al-Waseet".
One English Tafsir(Commentary) "Tafheem Al-Quran by Al-Maududi".
E'rab(Grammar) Al-Quran by Qasim Da'aas.
Text Translation of the A; Quran meanings for more than 20 languages.
Voice Translation of the Al Quran meanings for two languages (English and Urdu).
Sync between recitaion and Aya position in the Page (highlighting Aya while recited).
Sync between recitaion and voice translation (repeat the translation after the recitation).
Program Interface in both Arabic and English.
live preview (example) :
**ِ App permissions **
- the app needs the "read phone status" permission so it can stop the audio playback (the recitation) when a phone call comes in.
- the app needs internet access so that it can download required contents (recitations, translations and Quran pages images).
- the app needs to access to file storage so that it can store downloaded contents (recitations, translations and Quran pages images).
 What's New
V-2.6.2 (23-2-2015):
Enhancements on the bookmarking feature.
V-2.6 (9-2-2015):
General improvements and bug fixes.
V-2.5.1 (8-1-2015):
Fixed bugs appeared in old Android versions (<= 4.0.3)
V-2.5 (6-1-2015) :
New memorizing test feature.
New ability to copy/send multible Ayas.
Enhanced navigation menus.
Enhanced bookmarks.
Bug fixes and general performance enhancements.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:'>>
Download Instructions:

Ayat - Al Quran v2.6.2.apk -  8.8 MB

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      Vielen Dank für die umfassenden Rückmeldungen zum neuen Design, insbesondere der Darstellung im Banking. Wir nehmen die Hinweise und Wünsche gerne auf und prüfen, wie wir die Darstellung für die nächste Version weiter optimieren können!
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      Quran Translations v1.9.2
      Requirements:  2.3 and up 
      Overview: Quran Translations is a free(without banners), simple and user friendly Quran application for Android devices. You can download translations in your language and understand the meaning of holy Quran by comparing these translations.

      Quran Translations provides the following features:
      -Download Quran translations
      -Read translations
      -Compare translations verse by verse
      -Select translations which will be compared
      -Select the translations which will be read or compare
      -Advanced Search (search multiple words separated by space character in all translations)
      -Long click to bookmark, copy or share verses
      -Set a checkpoint, continue reading from this checkpoint when requested
      -Jump to specific surah / verse
      -Order chapters (surahs) alphabetical, numeric or revelation
      -Change background and text color
      -Change text size
      -Change arabic font
      -Change translator by clicking menu button in Read mode.
      -Move "fast forward" and "fast backward" between verses by clicking menu button in Compare mode
      Quran Translations provides more than 140 translations and more than 45 languages including:
      -English (including Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh - English Word by Word)
      -Albanian, Amazigh, Amharic, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Crotian, Czech, Divehi, Finnish, Greek, Hausa, Hungarian, Icelandic, Kazakh, Korean, Kurdish, Latvian, Malay, Malayalam, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Sindhi, Somali, Slovak, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Tatar, Thai, Uyghur, Uzbek
      (Translations and info from and various sites)
      Note : For Tablets, increase font size through settings.
      Keywords : Quran, Quran, Koran, القرآن, Coran, クルアーン, Kuran, Corán, Korán, Куран, 古蘭經, Alcoran, Quraan, Kurani, Curanu, කුර්ආන්, Koraani, திருக்குர்ஆன், Leqran, ఖోరాన్, Koranen, อัลกุรอาน, Қуръон, 古兰经, Korã, Alcorà, Κοράνιο, Koranin, Koaran, કુરાન, Ղուրան, क़ुरआन, Korano, Хъуыран, הקוראן, ყურანი, Құран, Qurani, ഖുർആൻ, कुराण, translation, meal, islam
       What's New
      1)- New translations (Bengali, English, French, Greek, Icelandic, Latvian, Turkish) added. Please check out "Download Translations".
      2-)Indonesian translation updated. Please delete it and then download it again.
      3-) Many arabic fonts are added. You can change it through "Settings->Arabic Font". Some fonts may not be compatible for your phone. If so, you can use default font.
      Note : "Translation for Read and Search" will be changed automatically after update.
      Please reset through "Setting".
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:'>>
      Download Instructions:
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      PeakFinder Earth v2.6.2
      Requirements: no root required  Anfroid: 2.3 and up
      Overview:  PeakFinder: The mobile panoramic view for your smartphone.
      The mountains are calling! Explore more mountains than any mountaineer! PeakFinder makes it possible... and shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360° Panorama display. 


      new Features
      - Works worldwide in all mountain regions!
      - Many small improvements
      - Full Screen support
      - Fixed bug on Android 5.0

      More Info'>>]
      PeakFinder Earth v2.6.2.apk - 4.2 MB