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Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner v1.0.0

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Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner v1.0.0
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Free up valuable storage with Gallery Doctor, the only phone cleaner that automatically identifies the unwanted photos that are taking up valuable storage on your device.


What can Gallery Doctor do you for you?
Free up valuable storage by automatically identifying and cleaning your unwanted photos. Review and keep the shots you want, clean the ones you don’t. Gallery Doctor has helped users free up to 32% worth of storage, all on the first-time use!
Why do I need Gallery Doctor
Users have on average 2GB worth of unwanted photos that are taking up valuable storage on their device. Instead of spending hours scrolling through thousands of photos to find and clean your unwanted ones, Gallery Doctor saves you time by identifying them immediately.

Sit back and let Gallery Doctor clean your phone and optimize your storage. With Gallery Doctor, it’s as easy as
1 - Automatically identify unwanted photos
• Blurry shots
• Dark photos
• Photos with poor quality
• Similar photos
• Gallery Doctor even identifies your boring shots!
2 - Review the photos you want to keep
• You decide what to clean - Swipe left to clean or right to keep.
• Smarter over time - Gallery Doctor learns which photos you don’t like and gets smarter based on which photos you keep or clean.
3 - Clean and optimize your storage
• Save time and storage - Instantly clean all your unwanted photos.
• Speed booster - free up space so your device is running like new.
• Storage manager - make more room for pictures and your favorite apps.
Your privacy is important to us! Gallery Doctor does not store nor share any of your photos.
For more help, contact us at [email protected]
How does Gallery Doctor work?
Gallery Doctor uses MyRoll’s Gallery Curation Engine (GCE) and Machine Learning to instantly identify your unwanted photos.
Based on which photos you decide to clean, Gallery Doctor gets smarter and learns which photos you don’t like. This enables Gallery Doctor to provide an even quicker and easier experience when it comes to cleaning unwanted photos from your phone. Think of it as an antivirus for your photos - it’s that good!
Can Gallery Doctor boost my phone’s speed and performance?
Users cleaning their phones with Gallery Doctor have optimized their storage and saved an average of 2GB on their devices - all on the first-time use! This helps to speed up your Android device, clean storage, and improve your phones overall performance.
How often should I use Gallery Doctor?
Keep Gallery Doctor around to perform weekly, or even daily check-ups on on your gallery!
Gallery Doctor will continue to notify if you've taken any bad photos, so you can always keep your phone clean with just a tap - keeping your storage clean and boosting your phone's speed and performance.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:'>>
Download Instructions:

Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner v1.0.0.apk -  11.8 MB

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      MobileGo (Cleaner & Tool Kit)v6.4.0.4596
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      Low battery consumption for Android devices
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      Manage your favourite APK, Easily and Safely
      ★ Batches install APK files to your device; Uninstall or delete unwanted apps simply from your Android device; Move apps to SD card to free up phone memory space.
      All Highlights of MobileGo (Smart Toolbox Mix APP):
      ➣ RAM Cleaner
      Clean up Memory by finding and stopping the apps that are causing it to overheat, Just one-touch “Boost” button for Optimizing & Saving Battery
      ➣ APP Booster
      Boost you added Games & Apps, Free up memory (RAM) and speed up your device
      ➣ Phone Cleaner
      Delete residual caches, Privacy Recode & Junk files to FREE UP storage, Speed Up and improve the performance of your device & SD card
      ➣ Safe Eraser for “secret”
      Protect Your Personal information With Safe Eraser, and Erase Your Device Permanently
      ➣ Files transfer
      Easy to Transfer from Phone to PC: transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, video and apps between PC and Mobile Phone
      Batches Install OR Uninstall apps for free up phone memory space, and some rooted devices will be able to move apps to the SD card
      ➣ Easy connect with PC via WIFI
      Connect MobileGo on PC via wifi, no need USB cable
      More features of MobileGo on PC Desktop
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      ★ After connecting the computer, you can send group SMS from PC with simple click
      ★ Apps management with one-stop service: Download, install and uninstall
      ★ Easily manage files on SD card, such as music, videos, pictures, documents and some other files
      More questions about MobileGo? Contact us at: [email protected]
       What's New
      1.New space saver function
      2.Contrast and cleanup Similar Photos easily
      3.Resolve the crash issue of some devices
      Update it and let‘s rock your mobile up
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:'>>
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      MobileGo (Cleaner & Tool Kit) v6.4.0.4596 - -  10.3 MB


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      -Download zooper widget pro
      -Install Galaxy S6 for zooper widget
      ->From widget setting select a widget zooper 4x2 and click on it, select Zooper Widget skin Galaxy S6. If you get some issues with the dimensions of the widget you can solve getting in the setting and play on the scaling to increase or decrease of the widget, for every problem don't let negative review, contact us and we will help you with every problems.
      This app has no advertisements
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      As you guys already know that the theme engine has just been incorporated so there will be some issues.You have to bear with that. IT IS NOT STABLE AND HENCE DONT BLAME ME.

      NOTE: I would like to say few points.
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      2.This theme is been tested on Ressurrection rom , Liquid smooth rom and cyanogenmod. If you are using Ressurrection rom then u have to reboot the phone if it gets stuck. not a theme issue .

      What has been themed?

      What's New
      Major update!!!

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:'>> Download Instructions:CM12RRLS Teal Cm theme v10.0.apk -  9.1 MB
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      Booster - Speed Cleaner Pro v1.0.0
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Speed Booster - Master Cleaner - is a super easy Android Speed Booster & Phone Cleaner.

      With this app, you can boost your phone speed by cleaning memory of your Android phone and save battery! This app includes Memory Cleaner (Speed Booster), Junk/Cache Cleaner, Game Speed Booster, Browser and Google Play Search History Cleaner, Call & SMS History cleaner, and App Manager to manage installed/pre-installed apps. This Speed Booster can boost up your phone by 60-80% if propery used. Enjoy this beautifully designed app, it's super easy!


      ★ 1. SPEED BOOSTER
      Cleans up Memory & Junk files to boost your phone in average of 60-80% faster. Simply tap "OPTIMIZE" button to boost your phone and it can even save battery! Indicates your memory speed with percentage.

      ★ 2. GAME BOOSTER
      By finishing unrelated apps & processes for playing game, your phone will be optimized for your gameplay. By average we are able to boost your game by 20%!

      Apps will clean up your junk and cache files for better phone performance & disk space!

      Clean up your Google Play Search History & Browser history! Downloaded files manager included as we ll to delete obsolete files.

      ★ 5. CALL & SMS CLEANER
      Clean up any desired Call & SMS history one by one, or delete all of the Call/SMS/Text history in one-tap

      ★ 6. APP MANAGER
      Manage your installed/pre-installed apps with very easy app manager.

      Access your game booster function from home screen widget.

      7-in-1 application! Includes Speed Booster, Game Booster, Junk/Cache Cleaner, Search History Cleaner, Call & SMS Text Cleaner, App Manager, and Game Booster Widget! Speed Booster - Master Cleaner - will be perfect for every day use and boost up your phone & save battery!

      This app has no advertisements

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      Cleaner Master Speed Booster Pro! is AD-FREE and proud of being "EXTREMELY EASY" Android Booster. Master your battery saving skills & phone speed booster skills easily! This app has Memory Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, Game Speed booster, clean up search history, call & sms history, and easily manage preinstalled & installed apps! If properly used, this app can speed boost your phone go lot faster & save battery with one-touch buttons. This app is Extremely Easy.
      7 in 1 Toolbox Mix App! – Memory Cleaner(i.e.App Killer/Task Killer), Cache Cleaner(i.e. Junk Cleaner), Game Speed Booster, Search History Cleaner, Call & SMS History Cleaner, Game Booster Widget, and App Uninstaller. 7 Features but it's still VERY EASY TO USE! Download this app/widget, become a master of Android Speed Booster!
      * FEATURES *
      ★---1. Memory Cleaner (i.e.Task Killer)---★
      ✓ Cleans up Memory, Kills tasks with extremely simple one-touch "Optimize" button to save energy! Recommended to user memory cleaner every day at least once.
      ✓ Indicates memory clean level for before / after. Defend your phone from drain!
      ★---2. Game Speed Booster---★
      ✓ By allocating proper memory space to your game before launching, your Phone will be optimized for your any desired game!
      ✓ By Average, 20% Speed Increase in your Game!
      ★---3. Cache Clean (i.e. Junk Cleaner) ---★
      ✓ Clean up your Cache Files for bettery Phone Performance & Disk Space!
      ✓ Easy one-touch ""Optimize"" button to Clean-up.
      ★---4. Search History Cleaner---★
      ✓ Clear your Google Play Store Search Hisotry & Browser history
      ✓ Downloaded files manager included as well to delete all files.
      ★---5. Call & SMS History Cleaner---★
      ✓ Clear any desired Call & SMS/Text History one by one
      ✓ By tapping ""Select All"", you can delete all Call & SMS/Text History in one-tap.
      ★---6. Game Booster Widget---★
      ✓ Access your Game Booster Function from Home screen Widget
      ★---7. Application Uninstaller---★
      ✓ Application manager included - Manage your Pre-installed Apps as well.
      ✓ Batch disable & uninstall enabled.
      Use Cleaner Master Speed Booster Pro!’s memory cleaner feature and speed booster feature to save your Android Battery and feel the difference in your Android Speed!

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:'>> Download Instructions: 
      Cleaner - Speed Booster Pro v1.1.8.apk -  8.1 MB
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      Spring Ninja v1.0.0 [Mod]
      Requirements: 2.3 and up
      Overview: I am a Ninja. I'm handsome and ... fat.

      However, I cannot jump over 5 cm.
      My creator wants me to fly high.
      He bought me an amazing spring. Wow! Not bad!
      I now can jump, like a cat!
      Hacks: by Riu
      1. Gravity defying fat ninja never skips leg day
      2. Easy landing easy life
      3. Remove ads
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:'>>
      Download Instructions:

      Spring Ninja v1.0.0 [Mod] - -  7.0 MB


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      Footprints Live Locker v1.00
      Requirements: 2.2 and up
      Overview: Footprints Locker Master live theme.

      Footprints Locker Master live theme.
      Walking on the road, every step leaves its print. No matter how the future will be, I will be always with you!
      Make sure you have installed Locker Master v1.32 or above to use the theme.
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      This app has no advertisements

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