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Space Colony v1.4

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Space Colony v1.4
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Discover Space Colony somewhere in the Galaxy!
The first human colonies in space are available on your phone and tablet :) You can choose one of five places and see how the city looks.
The Space Colony is surrounded by Toxic Aura. You can change the color and power of Aura. The colonists use it to gaining energy. Over the city flying big spaceships, transports new colonists and cargo.
In the city you can also set the illumination of buildings, set several different camera paths. Quick double-click on the screen automatically change the route of the camera.
Space Colony is a live wallpaper. Best for phones and tablets.
Use accelerometr to move camera. You may change many options like colony background, city illumination, toxic aura, camera tracks, and so on.
Visit Space Colony!

What's New
:: v1.4
+ Fixed issues
+ NEW: big ship HQ USS-71 Atlantis
+ NEW: radom camera
+ NEW: random ships
Thanks for help!

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More Info:'>>
Download Instructions:

Space Colony v1.4.apk -  7.8 MB

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      Zombie Terminator v1.4 (Mod Money)
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       "Zombie Terminator" is pertualang exciting game with cool graphics, cool music, and technology are the perfect touch! More than 20 types of weapons, light and heavy. Accompanied by three heroes to unlock special levels: man of steel, the son of tai chi and Zombie Killer. What the world can be saved? All depends on you! yes, you! The Terminator!
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      This app has Google Mobile advertisements
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      - Matching Zooper Widgets
       - Dashboard App 
      - Various alternatives to some icons. 
       - Various misc icons for general use. 
      - Wallpaper picker with crop function in the dashboard application
       - Support for Apex, Nova, ADW, Smart, Action, TSF (Basic Icon Support), Go (Basic Icon Support) and a few others.
      Something isn't working, what can I do?
      If something isn't working for you, or you need help with something, please email me. I'll reply with in 48hrs. You can find my email in the app itself, or under this description.
      works with: 
      ★ add skin for widgets go launcher★ 
      ★ GLASS DOCK 
      ★ Muzei Live Wallpaper Support
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      Master incredible spells and rise to become a powerful Battle Mage, with 20 unique spells across 4 different school of magic: unleash Meteor Storm to scorch the invaders, call down Glacial Winds to shatter them, and tear the fabric of space and time to open up Black Holes. And if your magic fails, focus your rage and summon legendary Creatures to annihilate the Tyrant King's legions. 
      Complete engaging challenges that reward you with battle experience and Arcane Dust, a magical currency used to purchase offensive or defense abilities.
      Loot defeated invaders and equip fabulous weapons and armors to augment your magical power and abilities. 
      Play Infinite Warrior: Battle Mage today and enjoy: 
      * Intuitive and easy touch interface
      * 20 unique spells, offering very different and personalized gameplay experience. 
      * Change your spells when you want and try different combinations. Become a powerful Pyromancer and scorch down the fields, chill your enemies as a FrostMage, unleash barrage of lightning bolts as an Arcane Mage, or curse your foes with poisonous spells as a Necromancer. 
      * Level up your Battle Mage up to level 40. 
      * Take down formidable foes with spectacular spells and feel the raw power of THE Battle Mage.
      * Six battlefields, with six challenging bosses, presented in beautiful retina visuals.
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      * No In-App Purchase!
      * Old school cheat codes.
      Note: For the best gaming experience, we recommend you to play Infinite Warrior Battle Mage on your tablet.
      What's New 
      - Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
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      Infinite Warrior Battle Mage v1.4 [Mod Money] - -  15.8 MB

      SD DATA (sdcard/android/obb/)
       -  174.0 MB

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      Mean Emoticons HD v1.4
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      Overview: If you've ever wanted to play a prank on a friend or be mean to someone you hate then this is the app for you! We have wedgies, slaps, cars getting keyed, hair being pulled and much more! Be Mean in HD with Mean Emoticons HD! 

      ● DISCLAIMER ●
      IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, DO NOT DOWNLOAD OUR APP, Thank You! -Smart Emoticons
      ● APP FEATURES ●
      - Unique Mean Emoticons That Will Shock Your Friends!
      - Super Fast Loading!
      - Method 1 -
      To share a mean emoticon, simply touch it, then touch the chat app you want to share it with!
      - Method 2 -
      Using your favorite chat app, go to attach an image. Choose Mean HD then pick a mean emoticon to share!
      This app has no advertisements
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      Solitaire Mystery HD (Full) v1.4
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      Top Rated Hidden Object and Solitaire Game Play!

      The oldest and most powerful deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. These mysterious cards are so powerful that they can withstand the world’s most evil forces. But only on one condition: not a single card can be missing from the deck.
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      - Enjoy a unique combination of hidden object and solitaire
      - Experience two types of solitaire
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      - Unravel the mystery behind each card
      - Choose a solitaire-only mode
      What's new:
      - minor bugs fixed
      This app has no advertisements
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      Solitaire Mystery HD (Full) v1.4 - -  11.0 MB
      SD DATA (sdcard/android/obb/)
      -  60.7 MB


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      Material LGUI CM12 v1.4
      Requirements: 5.0 +
      Overview: CM12 Material Theme inspired by the Android Lollipop LG-UI
      Simple, and beauty.

      WARNING: before install this theme, make sure you have Cyanogenmod 12 ROM on your phone (CM12).

      You can seek to xda or through google about how to use the ROM cm12. Do not install this theme if you do not know about custom ROMs, cm12, cynogenmod. etc.

      This theme will be updated periodically, you will get full suport from me.
      all suggestions, comments, or requests relating to this theme, please contact me via Google+ Dany Fradika or via email [email protected]


      V. 1 ( Initial Release )
      > SystemUI ( nitification drawer, statusbar, tile, etc)
      > Dialer
      > Setting
      > Contacts
      > Deskclock
      > Gallery
      > Calculator
      > Sound
      > Font
      > Bootanimation
      > Wallpaper
      > Icon

      What's New
      Version 1.4:
      This is just small updates, what is new:
      > Add missing icons in Settings for Resurrection Remix ROM
      > Add missing qs-icon in drawer for Resurrection Remix ROM
      im using CM12 nightly, so i cant check the icons look in RR ROM, so
      What should you do:
      > Send me any screenshot which icon is not themed.
      > tell me if you find any bugs in my theme
      here my email : [email protected]
      thanks guys for supporting my work

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:'>> Download Instructions:Material LGUI CM12 v1.4.apk -  8.2 MB
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      THE DRIVE - Off Road Adventures v1.4
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      1. NO in app purchases.
      2. Six Unique Vehicles Ready to take any terrain available from the beginning.
      3. High quality Graphics with Realistic environment and physics. 
      4. Completely adjustable graphics for smoother game play.
      5. 20 extreme levels to dominate in one of the largest terrain 
       in the history of mobile gaming and more are coming.
      6. Completely adjustable car controls (Abs, Traction Control, Axle, Power etc.).
      7. Highly Optimized. 
       Quad Core Processor 
       1GB Memory
      This app has no advertisements
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      THE DRIVE - Off Road Adventures v1.4 - -  40.9 MB


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      Vexer - Icon Pack v1.4
      Requirements: 4.0.3 +
      Overview: VEXER THEME


      What's New
      - 11 new icons added
      - Fixed many icons not applying

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:'>> Download Instructions:Vexer - Icon Pack v1.4.apk -  22.6 MB
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      Space Invaders Infinity Gene v1.0.4
      Requirements: Android 2.1
      Overview: The internationally award-winning evolving shooting game, now for Android!

      Named Best Arcade Game at the 2011 Best App Ever Awards! 
       The internationally award-winning evolving shooting game, now available for Android!
       The more you play, the more the game evolves!
       Legendary shooter SPACE INVADERS has evolved once again, this time with an unprecedented new system! 
       The game begins similarly to the classic SPACE INVADERS, but the more you play, the more the game evolves!
       Unlock new stages and new system features for a whole new shooting game experience!
       Build your own evolutionary tree!
      English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, 日本語
      What's new:
      Bug fix.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:'>>
      Download Instructions:

      Space Invaders Infinity Gene v1.0.4 - -  26.0 MB


    • By APK
      DEAD COLONY v1.0.7
      Requirements: 2.3 +
      Overview: ALPHA 1.0.6 (!!!THIS IS A MASSIVE GAME!!! )
      - Price will change upon new updates so get this game now for free life time updates.

      - Since this game is in alpha we are selling it at a very low price, price will be above 10 USD in BETA.
      " Inspired by minecraft, starcraft, zombies, war movies and tower defense games "
      [ EXPERIENCE ]
      * This is not your average top down shooter.
      * Experience a dramatic, engaging action top down shooter like never before.
      * With dust, debris,blood and smoke flying everywhere this game has been designed to keep you on the toes with special cinematic battle effects.
      [ RECRUITS ]
      * Recruit as much soldiers as you can, let them do the hard work for you!.
      * Ability to command your recruits with the "command control".
      * Exchange all items and even ammos with your recruits (share anything with them).
      * You can become any one of the recruits, you are them and they are you, you are a team.
      * THE CPF ( Combined, Portable, Firepower ) [ Assault,shotgun,sniper ]
      * HANDGUN
      * MACHETE
      * GRENADE
      * Each soldier will individually have their own ammo amount and inventory ( this can be shared ).
      [ STRATEGY ]
      * Before you open the gate to unleash the zombie hordes plan out your fight.
      * Strategy will be the foundation of this battle.
      [ LEVELS ]
      * In this game we use "DAYS" instead of "LEVELS" .
      [ ITEMS ]
      * Epic amount of items to buy and keep in your players inventory.
      * Example of items list:
      - MINES: mine, minimine, tripwire, claymore, mininuke, etc..
      - WALLS: woodspike, wirefence, barbed fence, etc..
      - TURRENTS: turrent, spear turrent, arrow turrent, homing turrent,manual turrent, etc..
      - ELECTRONICS: copperwire, switch, electronics, power generator, etc..
      - EXPLOSIVES: gas, C-4, timer C-4, sticky bombs, demolition sticks, etc..
      - BAIT: ratbait, poision bait, rebellion bait, spicy bait, etc..
      - TRAPS: zrunner trap, zjumper trap, zsmasher container, etc..
      - DROIDS: colony mech, droid bug, medic bot, guard bot, etc..
      - RECRUIT TICKETS: android recruit, soldier recruit, rat army, zombie pets, guard dogs, etc..
      - GADGETS: sawfan, gunned buggy, z killer car, etc..
      - OTHER: assault ammo,shotgun ammo, sniper ammo, health packs, zsmasher blood,etc..
      * Can be placed on the ground or be taken back to your inventory.
      * Some items for example turrents can be refilled with ammo and even be repaired.
      * Can be placed anywhere freely in your Colony.
      * Ability to clear your GUI on screen for a better experience ( click on the red skull ) .
      [GAME GOALS]
      * Survive for 100 days.
      [ SAVE GO SYSTEM ]
      * Save anytime during gameplay by backspace in your android device to save everything as it is, so you can continue with where you left off on the go.
      [ALPHA NOTE] - Since this game is in alpha not every item you see in the inventory will be available.
      and those which are not available will be marked as "TBA" ( To Be Activated ).
      The game is enough to be played through completion. New items will developed one by one during alpha stage since we have so many items and zombie class to make for a much more challenging gameplay. So please bare with us. Gameplay may change depending on community demands.
      [uPDATE NOTE] - Please know that this game will be updated upon popularity, so please report bugs and spread the word so we can continue updating with the massiveness of this game. If this game losses popularity, Billionaireapps will realize that there is no point in going further with the updates and will stop updating until popularity is recovered. This is a community driven game so please be engaged and keep the update note in mind.
      * Drivable Mech and Cars
      * More items ( much much more )
      * More Zombie class (zbomber, zjumper, zsmasher)
      * Improved recruit commands 
      * Improved Zombie AI
      * Improved Recruit AI
      * Improved Effects
      * Improved Gameplay Optimization
      * Improved NPC
      * Add grenades to players weapon
      * Much much more
      What's New
      [ Game restart is recommended! ]
      - zombies now spread around!
      - ammos now have a distance limit!
      - all ammo issue fixed
      - sniper bullet now has kill limit of 2
      - collisions fixes
      - recruit command (now you can move them up & down while in " STAY AND ATTACK"and while they move they will attack Z's who are near!.
      - improved recruit command" PROTECT COLONY".
      - saving issues all fixed.
      - error message all fixed.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:'>>
      Download Instructions:

      DEAD COLONY v1.0.7 - -  33.4 MB