Poweramp Music Player v2.0.10-build-572 Patched (All versions)

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Many Many Thanks...

অনেক অনেক ধনà§Âযবাদ...


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For as long as I can remember, Poweramp has always been a pain to patch due to it's licensing setup. I don't use Poweramp for this reason but thought I'd mention that JetAudio Plus is a great music player. The sound quality is great and it plays all the audio formats so if you're tired of these problems encountered with Poweramp, check out JetAudio!! I'd also give a thumbs up to PlayerPro Music Player as well as it's my definite second choice and is also a great media player, although JetAudio has some better sound enhancing plugins that PlayerPro doesn't....

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Another Approach : Which I use and Fully Working. . Works very well with Original Google Play. It does not need Modded Google Play


1. Needs Rooted Phone

2. Needs Latest Lucky Patcher.


Step 1. Download Poweramp from Playstore. Run it once, let it scan your media.

Step 2. Open Lucky Patcher and ensure it is latest. update to latest. [ Just to make sure, Hit "Download Custom Patches" from Menu and let it complete ]

Step 3. Select Poweramp in lucky patcher and select Custom Patch [ use the 3rd Option ], "patch_ren.by.ramzezz...."

Step 4. Launch PowerAmp, check if it is full. Mostly it should say, "Purchase Verified Store: Play".


the above always works for me. I am currently using this approach on the below versions.


Lucky Patcher 5.4.5

PowerAmp 2.0.10 build 571-play


Note : if it doesn't work, try doing the above after rebooting your phone, I never had to do this, always works on 1st attempt.

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i have a idea for non rooted devices just install trail version after 2 weeks trail expired uninstall poweramp and skins also then reboot device and install again poweramp u will get another 2 weeks trail. i am using this trick since 1 year but i love poweramp (sorry my bad English ) 

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