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block call and sms v1.5

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block call and sms v1.5

Requirements: 2.2 and up 

Overview: Call and SMS blocker. This application blocks, and helps manage a blacklist. If you are looking for a call blocker, SMS blocker this application is what you need.




You can either block any number from your contacts list, calls, or add unwanted number manually.


Numbers from the blacklist are blocked. Whatever you do, you will not be distracted by phone calls.


Blacklist saves all blocked numbers, contents. Don't worry, you will never lose any important call, sms.


This blocker also boasts some convenient setting options, such as the ability to block private numbers, or to disable notifications.



- Numbers blacklist (blocking incoming calls, incoming message)

- Blocking anonymous (private) numbers

- Blocking all incoming calls incoming message from blacklist

- Blocking all messages that have content in contentlist

- Block history

- Enable/Disable Notification of blocked calls, messages

- No ads in this application


If you aren't grad about this app, please send me an e-mail. We will fix it for you.



This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:


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    • By caffeine
      Simplo - Icon Pack v1.5
      Requirements: 4.0.3 +
      Overview: Simplo is a full theme / icon pack for various launchers.

      These icons have taken over 7 months of hard work. The Simplo icons, designed from scratch, are soft in colors and sharp. Extra care has been taken to put in details where ever possible. The wallpapers included are a mix and match of all color combos and suitable for all taste. All the wallpapers like always are designed from scratch and will be totally unique to the pack.


      Full Features:

      • Dashboard application for easy launcher apply actions
      • Cloud based 87 Wallpapers to match the icons. All walls are around 3-7mb in size. Please be patient while it downloads and applies.
      • 2700+ HD Simplo Icons.
      • 10 Icon Backs and Folder Back Icons. This ensures that icons which are not themed also looks good.
      • Smart Icon Request Function which enables me to complete icon request quickly.
      • Muzei Live Wallpaper Support
      • Free matching Zooper Pro Widget Skin (coming soon)


      Compatible Launchers

      • Nova Launcher
      • Apex / Apex Pro Launcher
      • ADW / ADW Ex Launcher
      • Action Pro Launcher
      • Go Launcher
      • Solo Launcher
      • Smart Launcher
      • Solo Launcher
      • Aviate Launcher
      • Next Launcher (classic mode only)
      • TSF Shell Launcher
      • KK Launcher
      • Nine Launcher

      What's New
      Version 1.5
      - 52 New Icons (38 Priority, 14 normal, total now 2860+)
      - App ID Fixes

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esethnet.simplo'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esethnet.simplo Download Instructions:Simplo - Icon Pack v1.5.apk -  43.0 MB
    • By APK
      Talkray Free Calls and Text v2.41
      Requirements: Android 2.3 or higher
      Overview: Talkray is the fastest FREE calling and messaging app loved by millions of users. 

      Send messages and pictures or call friends and family across the world for free over Wifi or 3G.
      Join Talkray and start chatting today!
      Talkray Features: 
      ★ BEST INTERNATIONAL CALL QUALITY: Clear and optimized for mobile calling across the world.
      ★ LOWEST DATA USAGE: Clear and optimized for mobile calling across the world. 
      ★ GROUP CALLS AND MESSAGING: Supports up to 25 participants for both calls and messaging. 
      ★ NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS: Works just like regular sms & phone calls by integrating with your existing phonebook. As long as your friends have Talkray installed, you can text and call them all you want for free! 
      ★ SHARE PICTURES, PUSH TO TALK MESSAGES, AND MORE: Share emojis, multimedia, voice notes, location, page friends, and much more. Even doodle and add effects to your photos before sharing.
      Why Talkray: 
      ★ FREE, NO HIDDEN COST: All features are free. No hidden costs. That means free group calls, free international calls, free texts, and more. Uses WiFi or a mobile data connection.
      ★ NO STORING YOUR CHAT OR CALLS: Talkray does not keep your texts or calls. Once you get the message on your phone, it’s automatically deleted on our system. 
      ★ NO ANNOYING ADS: Ditch all that ad clutter and focus on your talk and texting.
      ★ SUPPORTS MULTIPLE DEVICES AND LANGUAGES: Talkray supports Android Phones, Tablets, WEAR, as well as iOS. Talkray is available for dozens of languages including Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Telugu, Thai, and more.
      Recent changes:
      * Click avatar to see profiles of friends.
      * Long press of avatar will put @user in the message to respond in groups.
      * Custom backgrounds for conversations. 
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:

      Talkray Free Calls and Text v2.41 - android-zone.ws.apk -  18.0 MB


    • By caffeine
      Truecaller - Caller ID & Block v5.22
      Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
      Overview: Truecaller is replacing the phonebook to make it more intelligent and useful. It lets you search beyond your existing contact list, identify unknown incoming calls, block calls you don’t want to receive, and make personal contact suggestions based on time and place – so you never have to leave the service to find the right contact.

      Truecaller is replacing the phonebook to make it more intelligent and useful. It lets you search beyond your existing contact list, identify unknown incoming calls, block calls you don’t want to receive, and make personal contact suggestions based on time and place – so you never have to leave the service to find the right contact.
      • Search for any number whether it’s local or across the world
      • Know who’s calling you even if you don’t have their number in your address book
      • Block numbers from spam callers and telemarketers
      • Predictive suggestions on who to call based on time and place
      • Make your phonebook more useful by automatically updating contacts with information and photos from Truecaller and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
      • Tweet and Follow a person on Twitter directly from Truecaller
      • Yelp! integration for faster business lookup results
      • + more features to make your phonebook smarter
      Over 100 million people have replaced their phonebooks with Truecaller, so they never have to leave the service to find the right contact!
      Truecaller NEVER uploads your phonebook to make it searchable or public. 3G or WIFI is required for Truecaller Caller ID to work. Operator charges may apply.
      * The block text feature is currently not supported for devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat).
      If you have any feedback or questions, please visit our community pages or email (
      [email protected]):
      Truecaller FAQ - _http://truecaller.com/support
      Twitter - _http://twitter.com/truecaller
      Facebook - _http://facebook.com/truecaller
      Google+ - _http://google.com/+truecaller

      What's New
      - Fixed a sign-in issue that might have affected some users
      - Improved speed for a faster Caller ID
      - We are now instantly blocking unwanted calls
      - Other bug fixes & stability improvements
      - Added 200 Million new search records
      Brought to you with love by Truecaller

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truecaller&hl=en'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truecaller&hl=en Download Instructions:Truecaller - Caller ID & Block v5.22.apk -  4.1 MB
    • By caffeine
      SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.29
      Requirements: Varies with device
      Overview: A simple App to Backup and Restore SMS Messages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-Supported Free App.

      A simple App to Backup and Restore SMS Messages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-Supported Free App.
      The backup is created locally on the phone by default unless you configure it to upload to Email, Google Drive or Dropbox. You are responsible for backup files and the files are not sent to the developer in any case.
      On Android 4.4+ devices, if you have performed the Restore and the messages don't appear in Hangouts then:
      - Open Hangouts and Disable SMS from Settings.
      - Exit the Hangouts app
      - Open Hangouts and Enable SMS from Settings.
      - Backup SMS Messages in XML format.
      - Backup created locally on the device with options to automatically upload to Email, Google Drive or DropBox using the Add-On app.
      - Choose a scheduled time to automatically backup.
      - Backup format is independent of the Android version so the messages can be easily moved from one phone to another, irrespective of the Android version.
      - Option to select which conversations to backup.
      - View/Restore all Messages or only selected conversations.
      - Delete all SMS Messages on the Phone.
      - Email a backup file.
      - The XML can then be converted to other formats, and can also be viewed on a computer.
      - Tested on Android v1.5 to v4.4.2
      On newer phones with inbuilt storage the default backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not the external.
      This is because the phone reports the storage that way.
      If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, please make sure you save/email a copy of the backup outside the phone before doing it.
      Lots more info at http://android.riteshsahu.com/apps/sms-backup-restore
      FAQs can be found at http://bit.ly/d9t7Jk
      Please start the app at least once after updates so that the scheduled backups start working.
      This App needs access to the following:
      * Your messages: Backup and Restore messages. Receive SMS permission needed to properly handle messages received while the app is the default messaging app on Android 4.4+ devices.
      * Storage: To create the Backup file on the SD card.
      * Phone calls - Without this the Restore fails on some phones.
      * Your social information: To display and store the contact names in the Backup file.
      * Run at start-up: Start scheduled Backups.
      * Control Vibration: To vibrate the phone when an operation is completed.
      * Prevent Phone from Sleeping: To prevent the phone from going to sleep/suspended state while a Backup or Restore operation is in progress.
      * Test access to Protected Storage: To create the Backup file on the SD card.
      Icons designed by Vlad Kitanoski of http://www.vk-solutions.com

      What's New
      - Fix for Archive Mode backup errors
      - Button text fixes for some languages
      - Better handling of Group MMS messages
      - Better filtering for conversation selection
      - Printing and Button text fixes for some languages
      - Better backup performance for MMS messages in Archive Mode.
      - Disabled vibrate in silent mode.
      - Fix for MMS restore not filtering conversations properly.
      - other minor fixes.

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestorePro&hl=en'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestorePro&hl=en Download Instructions:SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.29.apk -  1.8 MB
    • By APK
      Hibernation Manager FULL v1.5 build 11
      Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
      Overview: Android devices are designed to work all the time, even when you do not use them! Hibernation Manager helps you to save battery when you do not use your device. When the screen goes off, it hibernates your processor (CPU), settings and even applications to save your battery power.

      Android devices are designed to work all the time, even when you do not use them! Hibernation Manager helps you to save battery when you do not use your device. When the screen goes off, it hibernates your processor (CPU), settings and even applications to save your battery power.
      CPU hibernation
      CPU hibernation automatically sets CPU (processor) to the lowest possible frequency and voltage which ensures huge battery savings. 
      CPU “The brain of your device” constantly computes many demanding tasks. For example: updating widgets, checking for software updates etc. This computing power drains a lot of battery and is used when you do not need it. That is why CPU frequency needs to be lowered when the screen is OFF.
      Settings hibernation
      Choose which settings will be automatically disabled (hibernated) when your screen is OFF and enabled when your screen is ON.
      If you hate frequently changing your settings or you just want to save more battery, this option is suitable for you. It is better to have enabled hibernation for all settings, because this mode will automatically hibernate only currently active settings.
      You can apply settings hibernation to: wifi, mobile data (APN), bluetooth (BT)
      Applications hibernation
      Choose which battery-draining apps will be disabled (hibernated) when the screen is OFF.
      Some of your installed apps are constantly performing some battery-draining tasks in background. For example: social app updates your status and checks for the new messages. If you hibernate this app, it stops all tasks running in background (services) which causes extreme battery savings. The hibernation is more effective than task killer or any other memory cleaner.
      Warning: If you have problems with some of hibernated apps, disable particular hibernation and restart particular app.
      Note: Hibernation Manager works without root as well
      Might not work with : battery doctor, power manager, deep sleep, battery widget, battery monitor, battery calibration, root battery saver, greenify , memory cleaner, RAM optimizer, task killer
      What's New
      1.5 Stability improvements, mobile-data bugs solved
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:

      Hibernation Manager FULL v1.5 build 11 - android-zone.ws.apk -  1.6 MB


    • By caffeine
      SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.28
      Requirements: Varies with device
      Overview: A simple App to Backup and Restore SMS Messages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-Supported Free App.

       Automatic Scheduled Backups.
      * View Backup Contents.
      * Backups created in XML Format on the SD Card.
      * Option to backup selected conversations only.
      * MMS not supported yet.
      * FAQs at http://bit.ly/d9t7Jk

      NOTE: There is a known problem with some firmware versions of the Droid X and Droid 2 phones that the restored messages do not get the correct time stamps.

      This App needs the following permissions to work:
      * Storage - modify/delete SD card contents (android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): To create the xml file on the SD card.
      * Your messages - edit SMS or MMS, read SMS or MMS (android.permission.READ_SMS, android.permission.WRITE_SMS): Needed to read SMS during backups and write them during restore.
      * Your personal information - read contact data (android.permission.READ_CONTACTS): To display and store the contact names in the backup file.
      * System tools - prevent phone from sleeping (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK): To prevent the phone from going to sleep/suspended state while a backup or restore operation is in progress.
      * Hardware controls - control vibrator (android.permission.VIBRATE): To vibrate the phone when the backup or restore operation is completed.

      - Finnish - Thanks to Juhana H.
      - Russian - Thanks to Pavel (Павел Миронов)
      - Spanish - Thanks to Miguel A. Alvarez
      - French - Thanks to Julien Benoist

      What's New
      - Button text fixes for some languages
      - Better handling of Group MMS messages
      - Better filtering for conversation selection

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestorePro'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestorePro Download Instructions:SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.28.apk -  1.8 MB
    • By APK
      Call Recorder v1.6.7 Requirements: Android 2.2+, LuckyPatcher, Modded Google Play Overview: This program records phone calls from the phone line on some phones.     This program records phone calls from the phone line on some phones. Such recording is not usually available out-of-the-box, it needs hardware support in your OS kernel and root access. If you have an HTC device, you're in clover if you've got a custom ROM. Otherwise, please visit the xda site, there're plenty. Basically any device is supported, provided that it's based on a Qualcomm chip, say, their Snapdragons, etc. If your device has no such support, the program still records phone calls, but you need to select Android API in preferences and the recording will most likely proceed from the mike, not from the line. Please feel free to make any comments or send suggestions.   For more information please read thread on xda-developers.com - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr... ?t=1441643 (also trial version is available) Issue tracker: http://code.skvalex.com/callrecorder/issues   The list of supported devices: Requires the kernel with 2-way call recording patch and ROOT permissions: - HTC Desire - HTC HD2 - Google Nexus One - HTC Desire HD - HTC Desire Z - HTC Desire S - HTC Incredible S - HTC Thunderbolt - HTC Sensation - HTC EVO 3D (CDMA) - HTC Hero - HTC Wildfire - ZTE Blade - Sony Ericsson XPERIA ray - Sony Ericsson XPERIA arc - Samsung Galaxy S II X (SGH-T989) - Galaxy Nexus (alsa required) - Samsung Galaxy R (alsa & Chinese kernel required) Use standard API for recording (may record from the mic): - Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II (Doesn't work on Android 4 ICS, Preferences: Audio source - voice uplink, and voice downlink when BT headset is connected(it will record only other side, but it's better then nothing))   Permissions: DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS - necessary for Call Confirm feature   What's New version 1.6.7: - bug fix for HTC One (m7) Disable "Ok, Google" from any screen in case of problems with recording!   instructions: download this original version then go to lucky patcher and use custom patch. done   This app has no advertisements   More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skvalex.callrecorder'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skvalex.callrecorder Download Instructions:  
      Call Recorder v1.6.7 - android-zone.ws.apk -  3.7 MB  
    • By APK
      AdWords v1.5
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: The Google AdWords app helps you stay connected with your ad campaigns from anywhere, using your Android smartphone. You can easily view your ads’ performance on the go with this simplified companion to your desktop account. So you’ll keep your campaigns running smoothly—no matter where your business takes you.

      The Google AdWords app helps you stay connected with your ad campaigns from anywhere, using your Android smartphone. You can easily view your ads’ performance on the go with this simplified companion to your desktop account. So you’ll keep your campaigns running smoothly—no matter where your business takes you.
      * View campaign stats
      * Update bids and budgets
      * Get real-time alerts and notifications
      * Call a Google expert
      * Act on suggestions to improve your campaigns
      This app is for existing AdWords customers only.
      AdWords Express users can download their own app in the Google Play Store at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.ads.express. To learn more about advertising with Google, visit google.com/ads.
      What's New
      First release on Google Play.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:

      AdWords v1.5 - android-zone.ws.apk -  6.2 MB


    • By APK
      Block Story v10.1.20 (Unlimited Gems)
      Requirements: 2.3.3 +
      Overview: There isn't anything much better than a wide open game world in which you have essentially no limits and can alter the very landscape in which you play -- that is, unless you add dragons of course.

      Block Story® combines popular 3D voxel, sandbox exploration gameplay with exciting and addictive role playing elements. Complete a variety of quests to survive and become the greatest warrior in the realm by conquering ten diverse biomes. Build strongholds, encounter a wide variety of creatures, battle boss monsters, and mine valuable resources to upgrade weaponry, access better equipment and create artifacts to summon monsters of all sorts -- including dragons! The first chapter of your story begins ...
      Key Features
      • NOW …jump aboard and ride your dragon and 29 other creatures!
      • NOW you can save your worlds in story and hardcore mode!
      • Infinite hours of RBG exploration gameplay
      • Take your characters on the go with true cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices
      • Build and explores across ten different biomes from desert wastelands to arctic mountain ranges
      • Encounter numerous supporting characters that will assist in your quests
      • Level up your hero with a choice of customized stats and attributes
      • Use the crafting system to forge endless amounts of magical items – from lighting swords, mystical staves, and rare artifacts that summon dragons and other creatures that will aid you in battle.
      Questions? Feedback? Suggestions?
      Dad’s Gaming Addiction: “Overall, I found Block Story to be a joy to play, not to mention a highly polished product.  One of the complaints I had with Minecraft is that it didn’t include any sort of in-depth RPG element.  Block Story helped to bridge this gap and provide hours of entertainment in both the realm of building and character progression.”
      What's New 
      V 10.1.20
      * Fix loading characters
      V 10.1.19
      * Fix furnace
      V 10.1.18
      * Fix issue with ads
      * Improved translations
      * Small performance improvements
      * Summoned pet no longer shows in your hand
      * Fix mob names
      * Update translations
      V 10.1.15
      * Fix leveling up too quick
      * Fix control problem when offline
      * More translations
      * Reduced game size
      V 10.1.14
      * Fix limits for skills
      * Fix exception loading world
      V 10.0
      * Tutorial with a wise Wizard for new players
      * Complete new storyline
      This app has banner advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:

      Farm Heroes Saga v2.22.1 [unlimited Lives Boosters] - android-zone.ws.apk -  43.0 MB


    • By caffeine
      Textra SMS v2.27 [Ad Free]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: So time to try something new, but it has to be pretty special, right? It's here, it's called Textra and it's a seriously beautiful way to text.
      Textra features the new Lollipop Material Design look from Google. Fluid, intuitive and delightful!

      Let's face it, the stock Android Messaging app really sucks!
      ★ Number 1 ranked SMS app
      ★ Highest rated at 4.5 stars
      ★ Smallest resource size at 3.5M
      Comes with a bunch of great extra features like 800+ emoji's, heaps of theme colors, dark mode, floating Lollipop notifications, scheduled SMS & MMS, slide to delete, quick snap camera, multi-pick gallery, quick reply popup, better MMS GROUP messaging, audio messages and SMS blocker / blacklisting.
      Plus 'oh so easy' default or per contact customization for bubble colors, signatures and notifications (icon color, led color, sound, vibrate, privacy, repeating and muting).
      It's pretty special; try it, tell your friends, shout from the treetops, but most of all enjoy it!
      Simple. Beautiful. Fast.
      P.S works with Pushbullet and Android Wear for SMS Quick Replying.
      ★★★★★ Christian in December 2014
      This app is smooth as butter. It's not bloated like Go SMS and Handcent. There are so many slick features, wow where do I start... Great work! It's simply gorgeous looking, feels so NOW with the material design colors. I never review apps, but this one is amazing, no more to say! The best SMS messenger app by far.
      ★★★★★ Dan in December 2014
      The VERY best FREE messaging replacement for the stock app on the galaxy S4. SMS is fast, and group chat MMS works perfectly as well. I am on Sprint (which supports MMS over WiFi) and Textra is the ONLY third-party messaging app that works with MMS on WiFi!!!!!! Plus it's FREE, no ads. BUT you MUST uninstall other SMS apps first, as they can interfere with Textra. After I did that it was PERFECT.
      NICE! Now works on Lollipop - no more hangouts for me!
      ★★★★★ Chase in December 2014
      Simple. Beautiful. Fast. Even the dev's know their app is just that good plus it's free. Bar none, this is the best SMS/MMS replacement app I've ever used. As soon as I launched it the first time, I fell in love. Upon launch, Textra sets up all the technical stuff automatically in mere seconds. And boy, the speed doesn't stop there. I have about 60,000 texts. With my stock app, I'd have to sit there and wait forever for various hiccups and loading and blah blah blah... I've tried every other SMS replacement app I could find. Textra is the only one that handles all of them without skipping a beat. It also lets you customize settings for each contact. Bubble color, icon color, notification sound, vibrate pattern, LED color... everything I want. And it just works. I don't have to fight the app. Do yourself a favor and get Textra messenger now!
      ★★★★★ Andrew in December 2014
      Excellent free alternative to stock messaging. The program just works. You can set notifications, bubble colors and even delivery reports per contact. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
      Textra is a seriously beautiful, feature rich SMS and MMS replacement app.

      WHAT'S NEW

      * Fixed known Android Firmware 5.1 issues.
      * Fixed known camera switching (front and rear facing) issues.
      * Added support for Vietnamese language.
      Full history @http://inapp.textra.me/changelog

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.textra'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.textra Download Instructions:Textra SMS v2.27 [Ad Free].apk -  3.9 MB
    • By APK
      chomp SMS Donate v6.43
      Requirements: 2.2+
      Overview: chomp SMS is a souped-up alternative to the boring stock SMS & MMS messaging app, with a heap more features and customisation options.

      Join the chomp revolution now at 10+ million strong!!!
      Loads of cool features like 800+ emoji's, passcode app lock, privacy options, scheduled SMS sender (reminders, birthday wishes), stop a text while sending, pin to top, backup, blacklisting / SMS blocker, signatures, text snippets, quick reply popup (even on lock screen), dual sim, better MMS and GROUP messaging and much more....
      Plus heaps of customisation options for notification icons, LED colors, ringtones, vibrate patterns, screen colors, font types, font sizes and background wallpapers. Create your own unique look, or choose from hundreds of free themes! Go on give it some bling!
      Works with Pushbullet and Android Wear for SMS Quick Replying.
      Give chomp SMS a try today! It's pretty special...
      ★★★★★ Jenny in January 2015
      Love it Switched from GoSMS and chomp doesn't disappoint! A lot easier and smoother to customize than the other ones. Love it. MMS works perfectly as well.
      ★★★★★ Mark in January 2015
      Handcent SMS and GO SMS Pro are just over complicated, bloatware and sloooow. chomp SMS is easier to use, better MMS, it's way faster and it's pretty cool. Group MMS messaging rocks with my iPhone friends!!!
      ★★★★★ Andrew in January 2015
      Tried a few messaging apps out there, but none compares to chomp SMS. It's just faster and easier to use than the rest! Highly recommended. Using it on an LG Optimus Black with Android ICS. Yeh works with KitKat and group MMS messaging rocks. Update: Pebble Watch support is also fantastic!
      WHAT'S NEW
      * NEW: Easily view all the pictures and videos in a conversation, simply tap (on a picture or video bubble) and swipe left and right to view all content in that conversations gallery.
      * Bug fixes.
      All changes @ http://inapp.chompsms.com/changelog
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: Donate/AdFree Purchased

      chomp SMS Donate v6.43.apk -  7.5 MB


    • By APK
      Blaze and the Monster Machines v1.1
      Requirements: 2.3.3+
      Overview: Get ready to race along with Blaze and The Monster Machines, Nick Jr.’s newest show!

      It’s time to tear up the track with Blaze and his best friend AJ!
      The Blaze and the Monster Machines app introduces preschoolers to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts as they race along pre-set courses or build their own tracks!
      Each mode – race and build – encourages children to apply critical thinking skills and explore scientific principles, including acceleration, adhesion, force, traction and more!
      Help Blaze & AJ compete against other monster trucks – Starla and Crusher – in one of three locations: The Badlands, The Snowy Slopes or The Monster Dome! Use blazing speed and problem-solving to overcome obstacles along the way. Each location contains the following:
      Environmental obstacles (e.g. an ice patch in the Snowy Slopes) and Crusher-based contraptions (e.g. a pineapple blaster).
      Power ups like tire chains (to avoid slippery spots), soapy tires (to fly through sticky patches), and hubcaps (to fill your Let’s Blaze acceleration meter).
      2 different driving controls – tilt and swipe.
      15 levels that progress in difficulty (45 in total).
      Gold, silver or bronze medals awarded to each race.
      Build Your Own Track, then Race!
      Construct a race track with as many twists and turns as you’d like! Add tools that can help Blaze advance (e.g. speed boosts, hubcaps), and include features that can cause his opponents to slow down (e.g. sticky bubble gum, slippery water puddle).
      Trace a unique path for each race course!
      Experiment with up to 15 STEM items! 
      Create and edit tracks along the way!
      Save up to 12 courses in each location.
      What's New 
      Fixes rare bug when entering name.
      UI Enhancements.
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:

      Blaze and the Monster Machines v1.1 - android-zone.ws.apk -  13.3 MB
      SD DATA (sdcard/android/obb/)
      com.mtvn.blazegoogleHD.zip -  82.4 MB


    • By caffeine
      Call Recorder Pro v3.1
      Requirements: Android 2.1+
      Overview: Pro version of Call Recorder without Ads and includes additional features.

      Pro version of Call Recorder application has an ability to:
      - Enable/Disable call recording.
      - Records all your phone calls.
      - Play/Stop recorded audio by touch on the item
      - Delete recorded items.
      - Lock recorded items to prevent from auto-cleaning
      - Send selected records to email.
      - Confirmation dialog: Would you like to keep recorded call that is shown just after the call.
      - Enable/Disable notifications.
      - Show confirmation dialog.
      - Configure automatic cleaning.
      - Recording source.
      - Recording quality.
      - File format.
      - Recording channel.

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=polis.app.callrecorder.pro'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=polis.app.callrecorder.pro Download Instructions:Call Recorder Pro v3.1.apk -  6.5 MB
    • By caffeine
      Call Recorder One Touch Full v4.0
      Requirements: 2.3 and up,Modded Google Play
      Overview: One Touch Call Recording allows you to start recording in any time during phone call by pressing the rec button.

      Советы, просьбы, информация, пишите мне на майл - [email protected]

      Be sure to try the free version before purchase to make sure that your phone can record phone calls.

      Don't forget to remove the free version before start using.

      Free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ui.webdma

      Not all devices support call recording without ROOT, because call recording is illegal in some countries for example (Motorola, Nexus, HTC One...).
      This limitation does not depend on the application and is not a bug in the program. Please do not put a bad score for the fact that your phone does not support this feature!

      One Touch Call Recording allows you to start recording in any time during phone call by pressing the rec button.
      - You can choose to place of record button for your convenience.
      - Manual or Automatic mode.
      - Change title of records.
      - Add note or conversation description for any record.
      - Search record by name, phone number, note, date or time.
      - Change the theme color.
      - The ability to call back from the App.
      - Contact photo
      - Voice input (note)
      - Custom path for file saving
      Full version is optimized for storing and scrolling of large quantities of records.

      What's New
      Call waiting issue fixed

      This app has no advertisements

      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.otr.webdma'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.otr.webdma Download Instructions:Call Recorder One Touch Full v4.0.apk -  1.0 MB
    • By caffeine
      Call Recorder | Total Recall FULL v2.0.30
      Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
      Overview: The Most Trusted Android Call Recorder On the Planet - Total Recall!

      Total Recall Call Recorder by Killer Mobile ®  || Absolutely No Annoying Spam Ads

      Now Half Off for a very limited time!

      Congratulations you've just found the most trusted Android Call Recorder App on the Planet - since 2004! This is an automatic Call Recorder App that not only offers a super simple user interface but has been engineered to provide the most Stable & Reliable call recording available. Most competing apps only Record Calls from your device's microphone - which means at very low volumes. We Record Calls from both sides of the line on more devices than ANY competing Call Recorder app.

      IMPORTANT NOTE! The Lollipop update breaks call recording on many devices. This is NOT an issue with Total Recall, it's your OS update. A Rooted Call Recording solution is available on most Devices (and we're about the ONLY call recorder app to offer this)

      Why Pay? Excellent Support. Frequent Updates. The only Multi-OS Call Recorder available. Zero Ads which means NO Intrusive, Privacy Killing Tracking Code which you find in EVERY other competing product. Or get our app free using the Trial Pay option.

      Every Feature You Need

          ~  Send Recorded Call Audio to the Cloud using:
      + Gmail + Google Drive  + Box + DropBox + Evernote + SoundCloud
          ~ Supports AMR, WAV, 3GPP & MP3 format (ONLY Call Recorder officially licensed to use the MP3 codec)
          ~ Various Widget Options
          ~ Flexible Record Naming Tool
          ~ Record Calls Selectively (automatic, manual, widget, incoming, or outgoing)
          ~ Password Protection
          ~ Supports 20+ Languages

      Two-sided conversation recording is not possible on every device & is sometimes needed. Below is a partial compatibility list.

      ~ No Root Required ~

      Galaxy Note 4
      LG G3 (including Lollipop / 5.0)
      HTC One (M8)
      Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F, SM-G900T)
      Note 3 (pre-kit kat)
      Galaxy S4 (i9500 & i9505), S4 Mini & S4 Advance
      Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300)
      Galaxy Note II
      Sony Xperia Z
      Motorola G (pre 4.4.2)
      & More

      ~ Root Required ~

      Note 3 running KitKat (4.4.2)
      Nexus 5
      North American S3 & S4 Models
      HTC One X
      Sony Xperia M / V / T
      & More

      Full compatibility list can be found here: h**p://www.killermobile.com/applications/android/android-call-recorder-%7c-total-recall.html

      Just another Killer App by Killer Mobile®

      What's in this version:
      Please check the "About" menu -> "Update Notes" option for a comprehensive list of recent updates!

       - ALSA rebuilt and reworked for Lollipop, backwards compatible with older OS versions.

       - MP3 library rebuilt for Lollipop

       - Added S5, Note4 to ALSA recording list (supports Lollipop)

       - Bug Fix: Prompt save delete confirmation now respects the setting

       - Lollipop fixes for Call Screen widget showing again

       - Added full list of permission explanations

      & More...

      Enjoy another release by PutterPlace. If you share this elsewhere, please give credit where it's due.

      This app has NO advertisements

      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.killermobile.totalrecall'>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.killermobile.totalrecall Download Instructions:Call Recorder Total Recall FULL v2.0.30.apk -  16.0 MB