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Wireless Charging and Data Transfer

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Wireless Charging and Data Transfer

Isis Innovation has recently introduced a simple, safe and inexpensive way to power and charge various electrical devices, at the same time exchanging information without any cables.


This technology was created in Oxford and is claimed to allow people to wirelessly power and exchange information over distance through very simple and inexpensive engineering. The technology relates to magneto-inductive waves and is said to allow the rapid transfer of both power and data between devices without any wires.

The advantages of this technology include no wires combined with a cheap and unsophisticated manufacturing process. According to the researchers, there can be unlimited number of connected devices without any vulnerable connectors to disconnect.

The developers assure that the technology in question is entirely weatherproof and can be woven into flexible materials or integrated into furniture. It can be incorporated behind the screen of a PC monitor to allow the user transfer digital files, pictures and music to and from a flash drive by tapping it against the relevant on-screen icon. They also point out that laptops, mobiles, and other electronic devices like cameras and printers can all charge and communicate from a table top integrated with the technology.

Due to its limitless operation, the technology is claimed to prove very efficient in offices, homes, medical devices and even social outlets. The idea is that the architecture of PCs and other electrical devices that operate on microprocessors and circuit boards can be re engineered with interchangeable parts made as self-contained units. As such, the product life will increase while the cost will decrease.

At the moment, Isis Innovation is considering the idea of licensing the technology.

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