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The Sandbox Evolution v1.1.7 (Mod Money/Free Shopping)

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The Sandbox Evolution v1.1.7 (Mod Money/Free Shopping)
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Use your godly powers to craft amazing pixel worlds or destroy the universe! 


Welcome to The Sandbox, the #1 pixel art world creation game. Play with physics, over 150 elements & blocks, characters and heroes. Make your own games or levels then share your creations online. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination! Can you become the ultimate creator?

- the power to create or destroy is at your fingertips! Completely touch-based controls: tap to drop elements, pinch to zoom and pan to scroll.
- The greatest successor on mobile to Falling Sand Game or Powder Game -- with amazing modern pixel art graphics in high-resolution featuring multiple visual effects, parallax scrolling and more
- Worlds offer up to 10x more space compared to the previous The Sandbox game,
- Use a palette of more than 100 colors to draw original art or your fanboy tribute to your favorite retro characters
- Create your own levels using Blocks and more Platforming elements
- Compose a chiptune melody using the piano note: become a maestro!
- Share your creations in the Online Gallery
- Save & Sync your progress online with either Game Center, Facebook or Email

Begin with the ready-to-use 4x4 pixel blocks, then add platforms, traps or enemies, as you wish. Finally place your controllable hero character and here you go! Congratulations! You just designed and crafted your own pixel platformer 8bit game made your first level in less than a minute :)

Find over 150 elements to mix and match as you discover their interactions.
Use one of the predefined templates or just start from scratch: Music, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Caveman or Avatar. Are you ready to craft?
- Manipulate Natural elements such as Mud, Water, Sand, Fire, Metal, Electricity, Acid, Lava etc.
- Bring Life to your worlds with creatures such as Dog, Wolf, Bear, Cow, Deer or Sabretooth and many various Trees
- Add a final touch with Humans and Decorations such as Houses, Castle or Igloo
- Enter the age of Technology with elements such as Battery, Crosswire, Resistance, Bulb, Heater, Cooler, Leds or even multiple Sensors
- Destroy everything you can with Explosives such as Nitro or TNT
- Create your own levels using Game Design elements: Controllable Heroes, Platforms, Portals, various Blocks or Spikes

Each new Update of The Sandbox will bring even more elements! You’ll see… no one could ever dream a better world than yours!

- Help Gaia, Goddess of Earth, complete her missions through 4 full campaigns of 24 levels in total.
- Guide the lost caveman through a prehistoric world, fight Bears and Wolves, escape from a Mammoths graveyard, Caves etc. in the Caveman Campaign
- New Quests 100 mode: are you up to the challenge? Try to finish each of the levels we have selected from the best player creations. Some are insanely hard, how many times will you die before you beat them?

- Search worlds by keyword or by tags (pixel art, music, arcade, technology or landscape), and filter them out based on the Newest or Hottest pixel creations!
- Load and play the most inspiring worlds and interact with them in various ways
- Rate the creations on 5 stars


Lead an army into the pixel wars! Fight alongside your troops as the King in order to defeat the Forces of Evil!
- 14 new Elements prepare you for battle: King, Knight, Crossbowman, Catapult:, Battering Ram, Princess, Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Archer, Demon, Barricade, Church, Medieval House A, Medieval House B, Banner
- New Campaign Maps - Colorful and fun level overviews!
- Earn Karma when you complete special levels from the Quests, Campaigns or the Worlds Gallery

Mod Info:
- Unlimited Karma
- Unlimited Mana
- Free Promo Packs

This app has no advertisements


Download Instructions:



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      Escape to an island getaway filled with adventure, mystery, and fun new mini games in this colorful free-to-play game from the makers of FarmVille, the number one farming franchise!
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      This app has no advertisements
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      Virtual Villagers Origins 2 v1.5.20 [Mod]
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      Overview: ** Please note: this game requires an active internet connection! **

      Return to the famed and mystical island of Isola and be drawn into the latest sequel in the beloved Virtual Villagers series! In the wake of a volcanic terror on the neighboring island of Asura, a family has made their way to Isola, seeking a new home. As their boat lands on the beach, they are greeted by a strange man and begin to explore this mysterious new world.
      The beautiful and curious island of Isola was once a paradise home to a thriving civilization but has gone to ruin and untamed jungle. The twists and turns will leave you discovering new, interactive, magical moments at every turn!
      Here are some of the amazing features we can’t wait to share!!
      - Be the master of your own village: With real-time simulation, the ability to customize your villagers’ names and game-changing, random island events, no two tribes will ever be quite the same!
      - Train villagers to become proficient at various skills to perform tasks around the island and survive their new-found world.
      - Explore the charmed island to solve all-new puzzles, and uncover mysterious island secrets.
      - Gather and combine resources from around your new virtual home to craft rare resources and unlock rewards from completed collections.
      - Breed, heal and care for your beloved village children and families; build a sustainable village up from ruins; unlock improved food sources with farming and fishing; craft unique resources for puzzles and collections; and so much more! 
      - Power-up villagers with magical necklaces, and improve productivity, life expectancy and much more for your entire village with magical totems and potions!
      - Acquire homes for two unique island pets that will help weed out pests and discover magical items around the island. 
      - Reincarnate cherished villagers with all their skills.
      - Earn daily rewards!
      Also available in the Last Day of Work franchise:
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      - Virtual Families 2 Series
      - Virtual Town
      - Fish Tycoon Series
      - Plant Tycoon
      - San Francisco Zoo
      WHAT'S NEW
      New languages
      1.) Tech Points+
      2.) Lavastones+
      3.) Food+
      4.) Health Potion*
      5.) Aging Potion*
      6.) Curing Potion*
      7.) Gathering Potion*
      8.) Offers-
      9.) Promos-
      10.) Ads-
      (+) Infinite
      (*) Always Available
      (-) Removed
      This app has no advertisements
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      Jurassic Story Dinosaur World v3.4.20 [Mod]
      Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
      Overview: Jurassic Story is the best game breeding dinosaurs! 

      Experience dinosaur city building simulation games! 
      Build and Reproduce your own world. Tiny dinosaurs move around like your life time pets.Get back to ancient periods when they lived long long time ago. Experience and learn how and where they lived.
      - Tons of adorable dinosaurs to raise in a park. 
      - Feed and care for cute and tiny kids dinosaurs until they evolve. 
      - Breed hybrid dinosaur & dragon. 
      - New breeding system "Breed and collect using hints!" 
      - Fun game for mobile and tablet! 
      - Explore and find rare eggs like strategy games. 
      - The virtual world has realistic island, volcano, vale and etc. 
      - Design and Complete 3 different parks including Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous period 
      - Supports Facebook to visit and trade gifts with friends 
      - Food farm for the dinosaurs 
      - Complete all the missions and achieve great prizes 
      - Lucky bonus with fun fantastic animation. 
      - Fun for All ages including boys, girls and kids. 
      - Free App!
      Most of the dinosaurs information is true or at least said to be true. Good tools to become a dinosaur master & mania. There are many cute dragon game apps but our tiny monsters are the best!Let's create your own virtual world!
      Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at Facebook page.
      We love games so please give us suggestions!!
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Bug fixes
      Unlimited Jewels
      Unlimited Coins
      Unlimited Foods
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles v2.43 (Mod)
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: If sorcery is your cup of tea, if you think that the things that go bump in the night should go bump in the twilight and day too, then welcome to Ghost Town! 

      Not long ago, its ethereal population had been enjoying their quiet lives… when along came the Playwright, and things went from spectral to spooky in a hurry. Little is known about him, but many have been caught up in the fear-and-dread play he is staging. Like any good play, it is loaded with bad, dreadfully bad villains. Who do you think are made to act them out? The good ghosts. These gentle apparitions who wouldn’t hurt a living thing now follow the Playwright’s lead in his mystical spectacle... and nowhere in Ghost Town is safe anymore. Spirits and souls, spectres and apparitions, and who knows what else are being forced to act in unwilling malice—for who knows what dreadful purpose! 
      You and the young sorceress Anna are Ghost Town’s only hope, the best and only heroes the ghosts have this side of the twilight. Together with the sorceress, you will overcome challenges, connect dots and crack cases, until you ultimately unravel the greatest mystery of all! Then and only then will the spectral beings know peace again, the good triumph over the evil, and the dreary fog of a thousand heartaches dissipate into so much nothingness… So tarry not! You are the dreadnaught hero Ghost Town needs, and the one it deserves!
      Game features:
      • Spectacular, state-of-the-art graphics to impress even the most demanding of players!
      • Ghosts of all kinds: Apparitions, spectres, souls, spirits… You name ’em!
      • 20 ghostly locations, each filled with the twilight of mystique
      • Hundreds of challenges that will test you to your limits, and then make you glow with the satisfaction of having overcome them! 
      • Enemies galore—the most villainous, nefarious types you’ve ever gone up against. Do you have the guts to brave the twilight and give them what for alongside the sorceress?
      • Over 30 unique characters, each with a personality all their own
      • Stirring action-driven dialogue—now witty, now poignant—and so believable you won’t believe it.
      • A fast-paced phantasmagoria of a story arc with excitingly unpredictable plot twists that will take your breath away!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Fixed several bugs
      1.) crystals+
      2.) coins+
      3.) ads-
      4.) offers-
      5.) ad fairy-
      6.) ad video button-
      7.) bank window on button click-
      + increasing
      - removed
      This app has Google Mobile Ads advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:   
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      Cafeland - World Kitchen v1.7.7 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Write your own restaurant story in Cafeland today! Master your cooking and design your 5 star cafe to be the top chef in the world! Run your own restaurant and get carried away in a cooking fever! FROM A SNACK BAR TO A WORLD FAMOUS CAFE!

      Decorate and design the place of your dreams in this cafe game! Cook tasty food to keep your customers happy - From the creators who brought you Cafeland, it’s a fun-tastic new cooking game! 
      In Cafeland, you have dozens of different dishes; desserts, appetizers, fast food and many more which make this the perfect kitchen game! Not to mention that there are hundreds of shiny new items to decorate your place. Are you ready to be the owner of your cafe business? Then start your restaurant game in Cafeland because this place is for you, chef! 
      * Serve dishes from different cuisines. 
      * Cook on multiple stoves and serve a variety of meals. 
      * Unlock new recipes and grow your menu. 
      * Fill your counters with plates of yummy dishes to please your customers. 
      * Choose from a variety of food categories. 
      * Make the best burger in chef town. 
      * Deliver quality seafood. 
      * Spread the dough for a crispy pizza. 
      * Bake a moist chocolate cake. 
      * Prepare a zesty stew. 
      * Bake, boil, fry or saute; every dish will come out as perfect! 
      * Choose from hundreds of fancy decorations. 
      * Build special items to boost your income. 
      * Cover your walls and the floor with only one click! 
      * Open up a deli. 
      * Design a hip bistro. 
      * Manage a seafood restaurant. 
      * Own a fancy venue. 
      * Entertain VIPs at a celebrity lounge. 
      * Become the owner of luxury dining. 
      * Take over the city! 
      * Design and decorate a world famous cafe! 
      * Invite celebrities to your place from all around the world. 
      * Prepare your cafe to host them. 
      * Get good remarks and win mystery gifts! 
      * Race against time to prepare catering orders. 
      * Fill catering boxes with different categories of food. 
      * Deliver gourmet meals for special customers. 
      * Get help from your friends! 
      * Earn money and great prizes for finishing catering orders! 
      BE A 5 STAR CHEF! 
      * Become the master of this cafe world! 
      * Listen to your customers and find out about the good and the bad. 
      * Keep the place clean. 
      * Expand to have more room! 
      * Increase your capacity. 
      * Fill those vending machines! 
      * Decorate to your heart's desire! 
      * And make it fun for everyone! 
      * Visit your friends and help them out. 
      * Send mystery gifts to each other. 
      * Ask for help in your catering business. 
      * Join the community and meet new chefs! 
      * Meet the Cafeland crew and let them guide you along the way. 
      * Complete the tasks hand in hand with Eva! 
      * Let Katie help you out with supervisor tasks. 
      * Ask for Chris when there is an item to build. 
      * Join Grandpa Tony in trying out his new recipes! 
      Facing issues while playing Cafeland or have suggestions/feedback? We would love to hear from you! 
      Use the Contact button in settings while you are in the game or e-mail us at: [email protected] 
      WHAT'S NEW
      - New levels!
      - New foods!
      - Now moderators and veterans can kick club members and approve new members.
      - Better club search
      - Performance improvements
      - Bugfixes
      1. Unlimited Coins
      2. Unlimited Cash
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      FarmVille Tropic Escape v1.26.1261 (Mod)
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Escape to an island getaway filled with adventure, mystery, and fun new mini games in this colorful free-to-play game from the makers of FarmVille, the number one farming franchise!

      Escape to an island getaway filled with adventure, mystery, and fun new mini games in this colorful free-to-play game from the makers of FarmVille, the number one farming franchise!
      Build your very own beachside inn complete with island workshops, tropical crops, and exotic animals. Farm island fruits like pineapples, coconuts, and mangos to delight your guests. Craft delicious recipes and rare goods like piña coladas, grilled fish, and flower leis.
      Catch fish with Capri the dolphin and explore with Odney the playful monkey! Feed tasty treats to the cute, playful animals on your island to get unique photo ops for your guests. Story-based quests help you explore uncharted areas, learn more about your island and find rare items and goods.
      Adventure unfolds all around your island!
      - Seek adventures on your very
      WHAT'S NEW
      * A NEW CLASS OF CRUISE SHIPS is on the horizon! Say Ahoy! to new tasks to earn more Happiness, and play for bigger rewards as the competition heats up!
      * GRAB DAILY GIFTS from Zemi! Get rewarded for your loyalty to the Volcano Spirit - visit your island to unlock better gifts every day.
      * CELEBRATE WOMEN’S DAY with a special new quest! Bridget the Baker returns to help you plan the perfect brunch.
      - Unlimited Gems
      - Unlimited Coins
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:   
    • By KSCT
      Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare v2.0.1 [Mod]
      Requirements:  Android 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Resist and defy the evil undead in this new tactical survival sequel of Dead Ahead!

      Fight for freedom and become a fearless slayer of the undead in one of the funnest survival
      games of the year! Kill raid after raid of zombies, collect supplies, look for survivors and
      most importantly... create your own legacy!
      Defend your bus and endure opponents scarier than any devil or demon! Break through
      barricades while you slaughter the corrupt corpses. Gather your team of gladiators and send
      them one by one into battle! Use any means necessary to ward off the horde of pixel crazed
      flesh eaters! Slash, shoot or burn the dead with barrels, Molotov cocktails and grenades. Be
      direct and explosive or stealth kill your opponents.
      Show that you have real steel to conquer the maps! Be creative and combine different types
      of units to win! Use tactically offensive and defensive moves to kill all the zombies and the
      barricades! Be creative and assault them for maximum bloodshed. Remember – the rising
      dead won’t make it easy for you.
      Collect items, earn experience and complete quests to upgrade your units and vehicles. The
      more gear you get, the more zombies you will be able to take on! Become the ultimate slayer
      of the undead! Banish the banshees to eternal hell! Contrast your high score with other
      * Blood-and-guts action-strategy game with a sense of humor
      * No hiding in the shade! The undead WILL come for you!
      * Resist against the onslaught of zombies and keep your bus safe at all costs!
      * A huge world with numerous locations
      * Plenty of survivor units and zombies
      * Upgrades, special items and optional quests
      * FUN!"
      Destroy everything in your path with never ending fun like in classics such as Kongregate
      SAS: Zombie Assault 4 and GNC Chicken Revolution2: Zombie.
      WHAT'S NEW
      New game mode is now available! Fight with other players!
      Hacks :
      1. Unlimited Gas
      2. Unlimited Gold
      3. Unlimited Water
      4. No CD to activate units
      5. Free IAP
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic v2.3.9 [Mod]
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: their quests, discover the mysteries of long forgotten times and defeat the evil forces with the power of love and friendship!

      Welcome to the world of "Fairy Kingdom" where you can build your own city, help legendary heroes with their quests, discover the mysteries of long forgotten times and defeat the evil forces with the power of love and friendship!
      These features await you:
      - more than 250 different quests telling you the story of our kingdom
      - dozens of different buildings to construct
      - 7 unique characters who will need your help and will repay you in the future
      - a gigantic map with interesting places to discover and mysterious strangers to meet
      - hundreds of rewards and achievements along with useful collectible sets of items are waiting for you in this game
      - Retina™ quality of graphics and animations
      - no internet is needed to play this game (except for the initial launch and further updating)
      - regular updates and special offers. Challenging contests for players in our community on Facebook.
      Our mysterious and amusing story that will keep you playing until the very end!
      The story is about to begin right now, and just as all the fairytales begin…
      WHAT'S NEW
      First spring update is waiting for you!
      - help the first flower bloom and decorate the Castle before spring;
      - bake a cake from Gustav's childhood and give a piece to every citizen;
      - find out the Leprechaun's secret and go treasure hunting;
      - entertain a live doll and build a home for her;
      - organize a puppet theater play and make all the children happy;
      - surprise a large bunny family and build a magic house.
      Stories will become available over the next 4 weeks.
      Happy playing!
      1. All Resources (Can Afford)
      This game has Tapjoy advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Kitty City: Kitty Cat Farm Simulation Game v17.000 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Kitty City was the purr-fect community, where Kittizens and kittens worked and played in their thriving meow-tropolis. Until the fateful day a giant yarn ball meteor fell from the sky, causing the Great Bath, and their world was changed fur-ever.

      Help Farmer Franny and her fellow Kittizens restore Kitty City to its former glory! Harvest crops and build shops to produce new goods. Catch fresh fish to feed your furry friends at the Kibble Kantina. Clear trees and customize your city with decorations. Send supply trains and fill balloons to help neighboring cities. Bring the cat-titude and rebuild Kitty City to all new heights!
      Rescue cats to unlock new buildings and recipes
      Harvest crops and craft valuable goods
      Join clubs and compete with your friends
      Complete requests at Balloon Express
      Fill trains to receive gifts from surrounding towns
      Level up Kittizens at the Kibble Kantina to earn bonuses
      DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other top mobile games and see what the buzz is all about!
      WHAT'S NEW
      bug fixes
      Unlimited Coins
      Unlimited Gems
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By KSCT
      Tap Tap Trillionaire - The Last Quarter v1.18.0 (Mod)
      Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
      Overview: To All Tap Executive Officers:
      It is the time to RULE the Egyptian Kingdom!!

      Welcome, to the ANCIENT EGYPT EVENT! 
      Get your own little base and set up your own little Pyramid Scheme!! Rule like a pharaoh and make those coins rain from above!!
      What’s new in this version:
      - NEW CITY: Ancient Egypt!!
      - Ancient Event!
      - 2 New Traders!
      - New Decorations and Costumes!
      - Updated Skills!
      What’s not in this version:
      - A Universe with 18 Quintillion Stars
      ONCE UPON A TIME there was a person. It was you. You asked yourself, "How can I make more coins???"
      A voice came from above, "Keep Tapping."
      You woke up, it was your boss…
      You went home that night, thinking that instead of tapping for someone else, why shouldn’t you be tapping for yourself?…
      This amazing 8-bit pixelated, nostalgia driven, frenzy tappin’, frantic investment firm simulator is the best way you should be making that coin for yourself.
      In Tap Tap Trillionaire, you can:
      - Run your own company!
      - Hire and fire your traders!
      - … Or collect them!
      - Buy Low, Sell High!
      - … Or have your traders do it for you!
      - Decorate your office with… STUFF!
      - … Or move to a Castle! 
      - AND MAKE TRILLION OF COINS because of reasons.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Hello Trillionaires!
      We celebrate the World Sport Event with Tap Tap Trillionaire's Summer Sport Event!!
      Get ready for the gold medal and podium for the Trillionaire stand!
      1. Infinite Gem*
      2. Infinite Coin*
      3. Infinite Book*
      4. Infinite Star*
      5. Infinite Key*
      *Increasing instead of decrease
      This app has banner advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Taps to Riches v2.21 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Build your empire one city at a time in this new tap idler sure to make you money hungry! Tap to make money, tap to upgrade your city’s business buildings, and tap some more! Unlock, hire, and collect as many Advisors and Bizbots as you can to upgrade your business value, build your cities faster, and earn a stash of cash as you rise from rags to riches! Valuable Adviser bonuses will have you tapping even faster!

      From the creators of Coin Dozer and Brick Breaker Hero, Taps to Riches will have you tapping everywhere you go!
      Start from the bottom as a newly freed villain with big dreams of once again achieving world domination. Tap your way into riches and money by upgrading buildings and investing in your city. The more cash you invest in businesses the more money they produce for you. Hire valuable Advisors to unlock special business bonuses, and use Bizbot resources for even more cash bonuses!
      - Expand your empire into multiple cities with unique challenges
      - Hundreds of hilarious Advisers who add valuable business bonuses! Collect them all!
      - Dare to reset your progress and take advantage of Bizbots, a precious resource that give you even more money bonuses per tap!
      - Buy and upgrade your businesses to see them evolve into architectural masterpieces!
      - Tons of Bonuses and Achievements for you to discover with all of your tapping frenzy!
      - More features to come!
      WHAT'S NEW
      St. Patrick's Day event coming soon!
      1. All currencies (Increasing)
      2. Max Vip Level
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Star Tactics Redux: Clash of Fleets PREMIUM v6.3 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: The long wait is over as we finally released the dull Star Tactics Redux PREMIUM experience!

      Differences with the free version:
      - Expedition expansion is included into this PREMIUM release;
      - Get double XP and Credits in Expeditions;
      - No ads. 
      Star Tactics Redux is the fully optimized Google Play version of Devil’s Dozen Games' space combat and tactical simulation. With cutting-edge 3D graphics, an unprecedented depth of gameplay and positive Steam reviews, the title finally comes to Google Play!
      In the game, you take over the role of the cold-hearted space battle officer and lead your fleets to victory in the raging war between the Corporation and the Theocracy! Besides the 20+ hours campaign of the main game, you can experience infinite tactical challenges in Skirmish mode with procedurally generated battles. New Expeditions game mode is also included in this release.
      • Turn-based tactical gameplay with top-down perspective;
      • Campaign featuring large-scale fleet battles. 30 missions, different ways to compose your fleet to increase replayability and involve thinking;
      • Skirmish mode - infinite randomized battles. Level up your Commander and access new ships;
      • Special abilities like missile or torpedo strike, afterburner, forcefield, U-turn and other awesomeness;
      • 36 ships from smallest Scout to tremendous Command Dreadnought; 
      • Ship variants with different stats, weapons and abilities. Total of 60+ different units;
      • 9 weapons of different tactical roles which projectiles shine like little stars;
      • Advanced AI: ships avoid missiles, fly from the most vulnerable side, set targets according to priority (capitals target capitals, fighters target fighters) and take into account their most effective side, firepower-wise;
      • Different map objects like damaging gas field, nebulas to hide and make an ambush, asteroids and mine fields. Battles are really diverse;
      • Interesting, skill-based achievements with meaningful rewards;
      • Rare visual style with holographic vibe;
      • Great visuals overall: a lot of VFX, particles and postprocess aligned to make the game look astounding;
      • Carefully handcrafted UI and user experience;
      • Music by X3 and X-Rebirth composer.
      # # # JOIN THE COMMUNITY # # #
      Get in touch with thousands of other Star Tactics fans through our official social media profiles! We’re looking forward to hear from you!
      Buy the game on Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/503950/
      Official Trailer - https://youtu.be/odUuOVLXmDc
      Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DevilsDozenGames/
      Like the game on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/StarTactics/
      Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/13branniy
      Star Tactics requires Android 4.0 or higher
      WHAT'S NEW
      Hello Commanders,
      The long wait is over as we finally released the dull Star Tactics Redux PREMIUM experience!
      Differences with the free version:
      - Expedition expansion is included into this PREMIUM release;
      - Get double XP and Credits in Expeditions;
      - No ads.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.31.0 (Mod)
      Requirements: 3.0 and up
      From the writers of The Simpsons, comes the city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield! When Homer accidently causes a meltdown that wipes out Springfield, it’s up to you to clean up his mess… we mean, help him rebuild it!

      Collect Your Favorite Characters 
      Help reunite Homer with his loved ones - Marge, Lisa, Maggie (and even sometimes Bart) – as well as his not so loved ones, like Ned Flanders. Re-populate Springfield with your favorite characters, from Barflies (Barney Gumble) to Wise Guys (Fat Tony). Add them all, we won’t judge! Dress your characters to the nines with options like Daredevil Bart or Lizard Queen Lisa, and relive scenes from your favorite episodes of The Simpsons!
      Take Charge of Your Springfield
      Can’t control your own life? Now you can control the lives of the citizens of Springfield instead! Make Apu work ridiculously long shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, have Moe smuggle illegal animals, or make Homer toil poolside all day… that last one might not be so bad.
      Build Your Own Springfield
      Think Homer deserves to live next door to Moe’s? Or the monorail can survive a few more sharp twists and turns? Or Krustyland needs 40% more cartoon violence and 40% fewer health inspectors? Well you can finally make Springfield just the way you want it! Expand your town to the Waterfront, grow its businesses with the glamourous shops of Springfield Heights, and enjoy its sights, all with only a few taps.
      Experience Unique Simpsons Stories
      Catch exclusive animated scenes and new hilarious stories from the writers of The Simpsons. You know they’re good because they write for The Simpsons! Tapped Out is the most life-ruiningly fun Simpsons game you can play! 
      Always Something New for Your Favorite Town
      Springfield might perpetually be on the verge of destruction, buy hey, at least it’s never boring. Whether it’s Halloween monster invasions, superheroes run amok, or chaos caused by one of Homer’s “great” ideas, you’ve got never-ending options to tap!
      **This game downloads additional content on first launch that can be up to 1.5GB based on device. We recommend connecting to WIFI the first time you play. This game is also supported with regularly occurring content updates that require additional downloads when released. Please be patient while it loads (we promise it’s worth the wait).**
      User Agreement: terms.ea.com
      Visit https://help.ea.com/ for assistance or inquiries.
      EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on http://www.ea.com/1/service-updates.
      Important Consumer Information. This app: Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.
      ; Origin mobile services are included with this Application. See http://www.eamobile.com/origin and End User License Agreement for details; EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on http://www.ea.com/1/service-updates; EA may retire online features and services after 30-days notice per e-mail (if available) and posted on http://www.ea.com/de/1/service-updates; Collects data though third party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); Contains direct links to social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.
      1. Unlimited Money
      2. Unlimited Donuts
      3. Unlimited Tickets
      4. Unlimited Monorail Tracks
      5. Unlimited Boardwalk
      ...and many more features with add Buttons.
      Latest Update: CountyFair
      Version: 4.28.5
      Status: Online
      Type: DLC Hack
      - Old, limited and all event Items in a separate menu
      - A new menu with Money and Money reduce, borderwalk tiles, all Skins, all decorations, all Characters, got to Kland with one click,
      - All Items are Free (no Money, no Donuts)
      - All Items placeable EVERYWHERE (Example: Cars on streets)
      - EVERYTHING can be sold (except Characters)
      - Fixed the Cool-Brown-House-Bug!
      - Buy/plant/delete debris!
      - World's Largest Toilet
      - EA Building
      - Donuts with save to EA Server
      - Money
      - Tickets
      - Boardwalk
      - Monorailtracks
      - Manhole
      - and many more .....
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    • By KSCT
      Princess Kingdom City Builder v1.5 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Dive into the world of the magnificent medieval empire times without requiring an active internet connection and rule your own Princess Kingdom. 

      Princess Kingdom City Builder is a free offline strategy game city building and empires based civilization medieval game where you lead a small town and help steer it to become a huge empire & Royal Princess kingdom of your own. Like all other empire simulator games, civilization in the Princess Kingdom City Builder is based on population. Princess Kingdom City Builder is all about city building a town and farming. Build farms, workshops, shops, labs & grow population who then produce resources for your kingdom so that you can build other things in your ever expanding town. Develop your tiny village to a town than to a grand medieval princess empire with a thriving economy and happy villagers! Build lush green town, city building town houses, marketplaces and decorate your town with impressive statues and lush gardens. You rule the whole empire from your castle and make sure your villagers have fun and stay happy! Build a Princess Kingdom & royal empire of your dreams, the Royal Throne is waiting for you. By growing crops, building houses, and mining, you gain money and energy to develop your city building town. Decorations will make your villagers happy it will make them happy than they work harder and more efficiently in farms. Princess Kingdom City Builder game works in offline mode without Internet.
      Princess Kingdom City Builder is a blend of RPG & simulator strategy game where you have to do empire building & farming! Build homes for your workers, produce goods in your workshops and farm crops to feed villagers in your empire to build a thriving royal kingdom! You advance your game through different civilization ages and research new technologies to advance your knowledge and skills. You get to build up your city building Town Hall, raise a population, earn revenues from taxes, produce the resources and supplies, raise the living standards of your community and research different civilization ages. Take charge of production on one of your many farms for your princess kingdom, order your villagers to gather resources, such as gems & gold to keep your kingdom growing! Collect, produce and trade resources to build up your castle and expand it into a mighty fortress! Princess Kingdom City Builder is a free offline city building strategy game and empires based civilization where you manage a small town and help steer it to become a huge Princess kingdom of your own. Prosper through differnet civilization & make advancements in the technology to ultimately become a hub of trading activities in a thriving community of your villagers.
      - Free Offline City Building simulator Game.
      - Build your town and advance it to become an advanced royal city.
      - Start from an old age civilization and evolve into a modern community.
      - Construct factories to produce Tools, Jewelry, Armor and other goods.
      - Discover new territories and expand your town beyond your boundaries.
      - Make your citizens happy to produce extra in less time and grow faster.
      - Stunning graphics which bring the complex world to life.
      - Tons of items, characters, buildings, and decorations.
      - A huge variety of adorable buildings.
      * This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
      * This is an offline game. Game state and data will be lost in case of game data deletion, mobile reset and a change of device.
      * Advertising appears in this game.
      If you have a moment, feel free to rate and review our app. We'd also love to get your feedback to our email: [email protected]
      About Happy Baby Games
      Join us: https://www.facebook.com/HappyBabyGames
      Watch us: https://www.goo.gl/47qTZ5
      1. infinite Coins
      2. infinite Gems
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    • By KSCT
      Tactical Mind v1.0.0
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Best-selling logic game on Nintendo Switch - now available on mobiles!

      Created with hardcore logic game fans in mind. Immerse yourself in the best strategy gameplay since Chess! Battle it out on square and hexagonal maps. Spawn pawns, level them up, destroy the opponent's Crystal! Play a progression-based Single Player campaign, or duke it out with a friend on one of the fourteen local Multiplayer maps. Become a Master of Pawns with your Tactical Mind.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Immerse yourself in the best strategy gameplay since Chess! Battle it out on square and hexagonal maps. Spawn pawns, level them up, destroy the opponent's Crystal! Play a progression-based Single Player campaign, or duke it out with a friend on one of the fourteen local Multiplayer maps. Become a Master of Pawns with your Tactical Mind.
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